The 6 most intelligent animals in the world

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People have always given themselves to be the most intelligent species on earth, but the truth is that science proves it's misleading.

People tend to think that animals in the world cannot be smarter than humans. However, the list and the proven below have shown that there are very clever animals, even smarter than humans.

1. The Elephant

The 6 most intelligent animals in the world
Source: World wildlife

  As a large-sized animal and with special structure compared to other species, elephants don't only have a large pair of ears, the ability to power down many large objects, but also have a great brain intelligent and a good memory.   In normal living life, they can clean food and use tools in the wild in many ways. The elephants use tools such as sticks for marking or palm leaves to smash the flies.   They can also follow human orders in captivity. Elephants are very interested in family members and even other animals.

2. Dolphins

Dolphins are animals that are close and have great affection in human life. Scientifically proven that being smart animals with the brain has a more complex structure than humans, dolphins are likely to be aware of and have emotional expression.  

The 6 most intelligent animals in the world
Source: Mentalfloss

  Dolphins are social animals. It is observed that they can surf, rocking, spinning, whistling... They have a complex "language", now humans begin to elucidate it. Dolphins can use the tool in nature and can learn chains of behaviors according to human requirements.   Like many other smart animals, the female dolphins stay with their children for many years and teach them the survival gimmick.  

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3. Pigs

The 6 most intelligent animals in the world
Source: Mercurynews

  Known to be the famous animal of gluttony and in filthiness, however, the scientific fact has proven pig is a very intelligent animal, and possibly the most intelligent in the world.  

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With its easy-to-train characteristics, pigs have the ability to learn to feed in a variety of environments. In research studies, scientists have discovered that pigs can use mirrors to search for food and deceive other pigs to eat more food.

4. Octopus

The 6 most intelligent animals in the world

  Octopuses are the most intelligent invertebrates found in the oceans. The intelligence and learning abilities of octopus are still being contested by bioscientists, maze experiments and problem-solving has shown that octopuses have memory systems, including short-term and long-term memory. Octopuses have a complicated nervous system. 2/3 neurons are located in the nerves of its fringes. Octopus tentacles have complex reflexes with the control of at least three levels of the nervous system. Some octopuses, like the Mimic octopus, move their tentacles like other marine creatures.

5. Raven

The 6 most intelligent animals in the world

  A small Beak crow (Corvus corone) has been noted to know how to smash the grain by placing it on the walkway across the street, so that the automobile passes through the shell, waiting for the traffic indicator to turn red and then collecting the county nucleus in a Full. Members of the Crows also know to follow other birds, remembering where they hide food, and then groping until the other bird leaves the place. The Crow also moved their own food between hiding places to avoid theft, but only if they had previously been stolen. The ability to hide foods requires memory of the space very accurately.  

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6. Mouse

The 6 most intelligent animals in the world
Source: Warrenphotographic

  Mice are rodents of small size, they are present throughout the continents except for Antarctica. Although the size is very small, the mouse is a fairly intelligent animal, often used in laboratories. The mice in the lab have the ability to find shortcuts, loopholes and escape the experimental area designed by the minds of today's leading scientists. For Chinese culture, rats were especially venerated by their ingenious and resourceful characteristics.  

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