The 5 shortest rivers in the world

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It is hard to imagine that there are rivers less than a minute walk. When it comes to rivers, we often visualize long, flowing rivers that travel through hills and valleys before reaching the ocean. The Nile is an example, with a length of more than 6800km. The Amazon, Yangtze, and Mississippi Rivers are also known for their enormous length and magnificent flow.

However, not all rivers are large. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a river is "a natural stream of water flowing in a channel with a defined shore". In fact, many rivers are multichannel flows. And there are also many rivers that you can easily go all their length in ... a minute. So why don't people call them lakes or creeks? This is because they have a steady stream flowing down from the high mountains and end at a sea, lake, or wetlands.

Here are some of the shortest rivers in the world that you probably never knew.

Tamborasi River, Indonesia

The 5 shortest rivers in the world

Considered to be the shortest river in the world, the Tamborasi River in Southwest Sulawesi, Indonesia, is only 20 meters long and only 15 meters wide. The short river lies on a rocky hill, which flows into the Flores Sea in Bone Bay. It is surrounded by white sand and turquoise sea water of the Tamborasi sea. People often come here in the summer to relax.

Reprua River, Georgia

The 5 shortest rivers in the world

A beautiful water body located on the outskirts of Gagra County, in Abkhazia, Georgia, the Reprua River is only 27 meters long. It originates from the streams in Krubera cave, which is the second deepest cave in the world and flows to the Black Sea, on the southwest suburb of Gagra. The water is very cold.

Another interesting fact about this river is that it is one of the deepest places in the world with a depth of more than 2300 m with a strong flow rate.

Ombla River, Croatia

The 5 shortest rivers in the world

The Ombla River in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is about 30 meters long and flows into the Rijeka Đvačka River of the Adriatic Sea. This is considered the largest karst water stream in Croatia and is fed by a huge cave at the foot of a 400-meter high mountain block.

Though tiny, the Ombla River contains all the elements of a real river. It has a huge drainage basin covering an area of up to 600 square kilometers, and can be up to 900 square kilometers between the Adriatic Sea in the areas of Dubrovnik and Popovo Polje.

Ombla is an important river because more than 50,000 people living in this area depend on it for different needs. The river also provides drinking water to residents at the nearby Dubrovnik city.

Roe River, United States

The 5 shortest rivers in the world

Located near the Great Falls, Montana, the Roe River is about 61 meters long and flows continuously from the headwaters of Giant Springs to the Missouri River. It is the shortest river in North America and in 1987 it was awarded the Guinness World Record as the world's shortest river, before the other shorter rivers in this article were discovered.

Aril River, Italy

The 5 shortest rivers in the world

The last river on the list is the Aril River which flows through the village of Cassone, Italy. Only 175 meters long, this is the shortest river in Italy. However, despite its short flow, it has up to 3 bridges and a lovely waterfall.

Locals also call the Aril River the Ri. The river is famous for its salmons. It has a moderate flow rate and the source of the river is in the center of the old town of Cassone. The river looks like a small lake with cool water and fish swimming inside.

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