The 5 most expensive teas in the world

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Tea is one of the most popular drinks around the world with the need to be enjoyed as well as the soothing pleasures of many people. For tea connoisseurs, finding expensive teas is a popular trend.

The most expensive teas in the world have different characteristics and origin. There are teas that have been present in the world for hundreds of years and there are only new ones that are known shortly. A list of the world's top 5 most expensive teas you can now be looking for below.

1. Tra Da-Hong Pao-1.2 million per kilogram

The 5 most expensive teas in the world
Source: Tinh Hoa

  Is an oolong tea originating from vu Di Mountain, Fujian, China? In late life, a Thai medicine used to be picked up by a doll from tea trees on Mount vu to cure the Thai Hau. To reward the success, Emperor Ming then gave each tea tree quarterly a red coat to wrap the outside in the days of cold. This tea is therefore called great erythrocytes.  

At a price of 1.2 million per kilogram, the most expensive leather-Hong Pao tea in the world. This breed was declared a national treasure by the Chinese government and has since Ming times. The process of using while harvesting is still a tightly guarded secret. It is often donated as a gift to the outstanding officials and the venerable ones.

2. PG Tips Diamond Tea bags-$15.000 per tea bag

The 5 most expensive teas in the world
Source: Pinterest

  Produced by Unilever UK, PG Tips is a tea brand in the UK and is available as a liquid tea, tea bag and in automatic sales formats.  

But back in the year 2005 at their 75 year anniversary, PG Tips has released a diamond tea bag designed to value 15,000 dollars. The tea bag contains 280 amazing quality diamonds and is filled with silver tea tips by Royal Makibari, the world's most expensive Darjeeling tea.  

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3. Tea Panda Dung-$70.000 per kilo

The 5 most expensive teas in the world
Source: Naukrinama.

  Tea by men in Sichuan Province, China had the idea and determination to create, and he was successful when sold in the market in the first publication.  

This is perfect for people who are willing to try something a little different because it is made from pandas. The pandas have a cemented diet and tea leaves, which are then extracted from their feces. Panda tea is rich in nutrients and costs up to 70,000 USD per kilogram.

4. Narcissus Wuyi Oolong Tea Box – $6.500 per kilo

The 5 most expensive teas in the world
Source: Deccan chronicle

  Like the multi-pink Pao tea, this special Oolong tea grows in the Wuyi mountain region. It is oxidized to 60% of its lifespan and it is even more delicious when it is aged. It is triggered once in the last two years as a measure to prevent the damage of perennial tea. Shoot up to ensure more dry moisture.  

All thanks to the distinct flavor of wood, flowers, and chocolate, the tea is the world's most expensive tea. It was sold for 6,500 dollars per kilogram. Before tea comes to the market, it must undergo a 12-step processing system.  

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5. Tieguanyin Tea – $3.000 per kilo

The 5 most expensive teas in the world
Source: Deccan chronicle

  Originating from the 19th century, Tieguanyin tea is a high-class Chinese Oolong tea produced in various areas of Anxi in the Fujian province.   Named after the Chinese goddess, Mercy Guanyin, the tea leaves Tieguanyin can be passed up to seven times without losing their flavor.  

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