The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

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TV has become an indispensable thing in every household. For many years, it has played an important role in entertainment and relaxation. And thereby, television became a lucrative market for electronics technology companies.

So below, Break would like to introduce eight brands with the largest revenue in the TV industry. In the era of technological development, we have witnessed major changes with the TV in the home. Becoming a smart TV allows you to surf the web, enjoy online entertainment without the computer. Until the imaging technology superior and more authentic than ever like HDR, OLED, QLED. It can be said that the fierce competition among these giants has promoted the development of television in particular and technology in general.

The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

TCL (Established: 1981, Headquarters: Guangdong, China):

The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

Five years ago, TCL was just a marginal brand that was overlooked by many people. But now, this is a brand with tremendous growth speed with good quality products but very cheap price. Even brands like Alcatel and Samsung have had to rely on TCL to produce several LCD TVs. To expand and enhance the brand, TCL has partnered with many companies in other fields such as sports, entertainment, music and technology. In addition, TCL also has Wide Color Gamut technology for LED TVs to produce very realistic images. TCL also gets users' love for the Roku operating system for smart features.

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Hisense (Established: 1969, Headquarters: Qingdao, Shandong, China):

The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

Hisense has just been in the top of the world's largest TV production brands in general and the largest brand in China in particular. With the delicious-complementary tactics for TV products, Hisense offers a lot of choices for consumers. Not only that, to bring the brand name to the world market, Hisense also cut the money and time for developing and researching its own technology by acquiring Sharp's brand name (and the whole factory). in North America), Toshiba's market share, thereby launching the TV under all three names.

Sony (Established: 1946, Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan):

The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

Sony is a long-standing brand with the majority of the Vietnamese people. Among the top 3 largest TV manufacturers in the world, Sony holds nearly 7% of the worldwide market share. Because Sony has been having a bad time recently, it hasn't spent too much money on new technologies. Instead, the brand focuses on technological improvements and superior image quality compared to rivals to give users the best possible experience. Bravia, the flagship model with the X1 Ultimate processor, has excellent image processing capabilities. In addition, Sony also has Acoustic Surface audio technology that can create sound from the screen without the need for a speaker.

LG Electronics (Established: 1958, Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea):

The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

Ranked second in the world, LG's market share is about 12%. As the leader in the best imaging technology today, OLED, LG has proven that the decision to invest and develop a few years ago is a good step to help the company have a position today. But besides OLED, LG does not ignore 4K, SmartTV or LED TVs. Having a wealth of experience in TV production, LG has been leading the way in developing new technologies such as the roll-up OLED TV R that just debuted at CES 2019, or products built with smart intelligence. Its ThinQ artificial intelligence allows users to interact as naturally as possible via language instead of buttons. Besides, the WebOS operating system is also the operating system rated as the top performance compared to other competitors.

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Samsung Electronics (Established: 1969, Headquarters: Suwon, South Korea):

The 5 Largest TV Production Brands In The World

Not only leading in other fields such as phones and home appliances, Samsung also leads in TV production with more than 20% market share. And for the past 13 years, Samsung has held this position since 2006. Launching the first HD LED TV in 2010 at CES, Samsung accounted for nearly 50% for 75-inch TVs sold worldwide. Along with QLED imaging technology, which uses quantum dot film to improve the color of LCD screens, Samsung also focused on developing MicroLED imaging technology to confront LG's OLED. Although currently QLED, although not favored by OLED, HDR support of Samsung TV is leading with maximum brightness up to 2000 nits. With its success in various fields and television in particular, Samsung is the 15th largest company in the world, second only to Apple as a company specializing in electronics.

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