The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

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The greasy Gelato of Italy, the supple Dondurma of Turkey... are among the best ice creams in the world worth a try this summer.

Ice cream dates back to the 2nd century. At that time, the Emperor Alexandros of Greece loved the cold, sweet dishes and the occasional aroma of honey. Meanwhile, the emperor Nero of Rome, Italy likes to eat snowy dishes with a gentle fruit flavor.

However, it took more than 1,000 years for Marco Polo to bring the Sorbet frozen dessert recipe from the Far East to the boot-shaped country. From that recipe, people gradually developed a greasy, cool cream dish that is present in all around the world today. And here are the most delicious ice creams in the world that have captured the hearts of many visitors every summer.

The 5 most delicious ice creams in the world

Raspados, Mexico

Not only is the favorite dish of the indigenous people, Raspados is always ranked in the list of certain dishes that tourists must try when coming to Mexico.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

According to Mexican cuisine culture expert Lillian Aviles, this delicious ice cream dish is everywhere in Mexico from tea shops, small cafes to larger and more luxurious restaurants. Even, you can easily catch the ice cream trolleys on the street with full of flavors.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

And of course, a cold shaved ice covered with different types of fruit syrup like Raspados will be the perfect choice for you after tasting hot spicy dishes or coming here in the summer.

Gelato, Italy

Perhaps it will be a great omission if mentioning the best ice creams in the world, ignoring Gelato - the creamy, cold Italian ice cream that covered all over the world.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

Tourists come here to eat ice cream so much that some souvenir shops have to hang signs outside "Please do not eat ice cream when coming here". And this proves, more and more attractive to Italian Gelato.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

Just one day wandering here, you will not be able to hold back and eat countless ice cream cones on ice cream cars everywhere with rows of ice cream flavors: crema fiorentina, pistachio, vanilla ... Just a bite of a crispy cone with a thick layer of cream, greasy, sweetness left in the neck to cool really suitable for the hot summer days in Italy.

Crème Glace, France

Just like Gelato of Italy, Crème Glace of France is also made from the main ingredient of eggs and milk, but the flavor is somewhat richer and more diverse than the delicious ice cream dish of the boot-shaped country.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

If you have the opportunity to come here in the summer, you will easily see ice cream carts, including ice cream sticks and ice cream cone. No matter what flavor you choose: vanilla or chocolate, lemon or coconut, chestnut or apple, this ice cream promise to bring you a memorable culinary experience.

Dondurma, Turkey

Originating from the city of Kahramanmaras, Dondurma is a traditional Turkish ice cream. This cream is different from other creams in that it has a flexible texture, good elasticity and very difficult to melt.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

Tourists coming here, whether children or adults, love this delicious ice cream because it is sweet, fragrant and natural fat, especially difficult to melt in the summer heat. In addition to the main ingredient of goat milk and sugar, Turkey's Dondurma ice cream is made from salep - a powder obtained from the purple orchid roots to increase the toughness and thickness of the cream.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

Especially, every time you buy ice cream in the trolley on the street, you like to enjoy an art performance of the natives. Because ice cream sellers often wear traditional Ottoman costumes. Before giving the ice cream to the guests, they do many performance and kneading movements to increase the hardness and flexibility of the ice cream. They also added that the more regular the mixing, the smoother and more delicious ice cream, but this requires a lot of strength of the hands.

Kakigori, Japan

Kakigori is a famous dessert of the cherry land and dates back to the Heian period of the 11th century. At that time, Kakigori was considered a luxurious dish only for the nobility because the characteristic of this dish was the shaved ice is made from snow in mountainous regions of Japan, so it's rare and precious.

The 5 best ice creams in the world to try this summer

Nowadays, Kakigori has a rich taste of syrup like strawberries, grapes, green tea with fruit toppings and fresh cream and is sold everywhere in Japan so you can easily enjoy it. In addition, the special feature of this delicious ice cream dish is that there is a Japanese sticky rice cake filled with condensed milk. Perhaps thanks to that, Kakigori becomes a specialty that many travelers choose when coming to this country.

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