The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

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Like other countries, the United States has many holidays held every year, attracting thousands of visitors.

Let’s join Break to look at the major holidays of the year in the United States.

New Year's Day (January 1)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

January 1 is the start of the New Year of the United States and everyone will have a day off to celebrate this important event. Before the turn of the year, Americans often gather together or sit in pubs to count down the last moments of the old year.

Particularly in New York City, people can come to the Time Squares, waiting for a huge ball to fall and explore exactly at the moment of the new year in the glow of fireworks. In the meantime, there are also some singing shows with famous singers.

Independence Day (July 4)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July, is a federal holiday to commemorate the Declaration of Independence signed in 1776. It is often accompanied by parades,festivals, and many public ceremonies. Since 1777, fireworks have been lit to celebrate the holiday. Independence Day is greeted with patriotic expressions. Many politicians often give speeches praising the American heritage and people. The parade takes place on the morning of the 4th. In the evening there is often spectacular fireworks. During the holidays, many families hang American flags in front of their homes to celebrate.

Labor Day (the 1st Monday of September)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Unlike other countries, where the Labor Day is May 1, the United States celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of September. This is also the time for sport teams to take a long break after the competition season. Americans also get one day off to celebrate this holiday. The Labor Day, more than 100 years ago, aims to honor the contributions of the more than 155 million employees who have lived and dedicated their lives here.

Columbus Day (2nd day of 2nd week of October)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas and started the European migration to the Americas. Therefore, this is considered a big day in the United States. Despite conflicting opinions about the person who discovered the Americas, Columbus was given the honor for this special anniversary.

Halloween (November 31)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Halloween, the last day of October of the solar calendar, is the devil festival. This is a festival that starts in the evening of October 31, and the game ‘Trick Or Treat’ is the main activity for most children and teens in the United States on Halloween night.

Young children and teenagers, dressed up as ghosts, with masks, go from house to house in the neighborhood, knocking on the door and say "Trick or Treat." This sentence means: "If you want us not to trick you, please treat us." Normally neighbors always want to avoid "trick" so they usually treat the kids with candy and fruit.

It is customary for children to carry lanterns made of pumpkin carved with a human face. Fun festivals on Halloween often revolve around topics such as luck in the world, stories about ghosts and witches...

Veterans Day (November 11)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

The United States has fought many wars such as World War I, China, Vietnam and Iraq. That is why the soldiers returning from the battles are given special attention. And November 11 was chosen to honor those veterans.

Thanksgiving (The Thursday of the 4th week of November)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Thanksgiving in the United States is a blend of legend and history. For students at schools and Christians, it's a day to give thanks to God, regardless of whether or not there is actually a God. Often before meals, Christians bow their heads in prayer to thank God for giving them food at that meal.

Thanksgiving in the US is a holiday for Christians to give thanks to their God. In the past, Christians often went to church to give thanks to their God for helping them win battles.

Turkey pardoning ceremony

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Turkey pardoning ceremony has become an annual event that has lasted for generations of US presidents. Abraham Lincoln was said to be the first president to "pardon" a turkey in 1863 when he ordered the bird to be released for Thanksgiving and let his son raise it.

In 1963, President Kennedy returned the turkey "served" during the White House Thanksgiving to the farm. Since then, later US presidents have released turkeys to zoos instead of eating them. However, the amnesty only became an official event in 1989, when President George H.W. Bush claimed that the turkey that year had been "pardoned by the president" and a unique tradition was born.

Black Friday

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Black Friday is the Friday that comes immediately after Thanksgiving and is considered the opening day for the busiest shopping season in the US. This special day originated from the... traffic jam occurred on the sixth day after Thanksgiving in 1965 in Philadelphia, when hundreds of thousands of Americans crowded together, blackened the streets and walked to go shopping to prepare for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Immediately, the US business community advertised heavily on the mass media and simultaneously offered promotions and discounts to attract customers.

This day is the biggest sale day of the year with lower prices, limited sale. Some people even brought a blanket to sleep through the night in front of the doors of stores.

Christmas Day (December 25)

The 10 biggest holidays of the year in the United States

Christmas is Jesus' birthday, according to the majority of Christians. They believed that Jesus was born in the Bethlehem cave in Judea (today a city of Palestine), at the time of the Roman Empire, between 7 BC and year 2.

The holiday is officially celebrated on December 25 but is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24 because according to the Jewish calendar, the time to start the day is at sunset, not midnight. The US and other countries around the world which follow Christianity often take this holiday very seriously. You may come across decorated pictures of pine trees, caves, Christmas songs playing everywhere before the holiday.

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