The 10 best fall vacations in 2019

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The chilly weather of autumn is considered the best time to travel.

Europe and America are known as the paradise of fall, but Asian fall is equally attractive. Below, Break would like to suggest to you the 10 most beautiful fall tourist destinations in the world, giving you more option to travel in romance.

Where to travel this Fall

1. Toyota, Japan

One of the most beautiful fall tourist destinations in Japan, not to mention the Korankei valley, Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture. Korankei Valley is located on the Tomoe River with 4,000 maple trees from 11 different varieties, giving visitors a "symphony" of the colors of fall.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Korankei Valley, Toyota City, Japan

At this time, the whole valley is like wearing a new shirt, brightly broken paths of red maple leaves, shiny ginkgo, turning this place into the most romantic roads. In addition, in the fall, there is also a famous fall festival, with live music performances, food stalls, souvenirs, ... serving the people and tourists.

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2. Seoul, South Korea

Korea is famous for being super beautiful in the fall. In the early days of fall, the trees begin to turn leaves, plus they will get chilly, making any place in Korea very gentle and extremely romantic.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Seoul in autumn viewed from above

The most beautiful is Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where the sky and the sky are bright with vitality, because of the splendid beauty of the bright yellow ginkgo forests, the shiny almond trees and the maple and maple forests Nomiji with a striking red color. Throughout the parks, palaces, familiar streets in Seoul, everywhere captivates people.

3. Jiuzhaigou, China

"Jiuzhaigou in fall is as beautiful as paradise" is the opinion of most tourists who have ever traveled to China. Here, along the valleys are picturesque waterfalls and lakes of various colors.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Jiuzhaigou in autumn is like heaven

In particular, in the fall, the temperature in Jiuzhaigou is only 18 - 24 degrees, extremely comfortable, suitable for visitors to visit, enjoy the beautiful and romantic scenery here.

4. Paris, France

Paris in every season is romantic, but in the fall, it is softer and more profound. At this time, the sun poured honey on the leaves, each carpet of maple leaves matched yellow, yellow green, yellow orange and red stretching as far as the eye can see.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
The golden autumn poured its sunlight on Paris

Walk on the streets, garden in the city, drift down to the melodious music of the street artist, or simply sip a cup of coffee, watch the peaceful Seine, bending in the middle of the city, it is enough to make us feel immeasurable.
5. Lucerne, Switzerland

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Lucerne - beautiful autumn travel destination in Europe

One of the most attractive tourist destinations in the fall, it is Lucerne city of culture and tourism. Coming here on an fall day, visitors will be immersed in the romantic atmosphere of the yellow-leafed trees of the old town, basking in the classical music that echoes from the roadside cafes. Quiet, profound and also unforgettable.

6. Oslo, Norway

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019

Adela Vigeland Park, Oslo in autumn

Nestled in the beautiful bay of Scandinavia, Oslo - the Norwegian capital brings mysterious colors, converging many brilliant cultural features of the country. On an fall day, try to visit Akerhus fortress or Vigeland sculpture park to find unique architectural features, as well as colorful patterns that adorn the colors of Northern Europe.

Do not forget to visit the Nobel Peace Center, where more than 1,000 optical fibers help Nobel prizes displayed here more fanciful.

7. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with many famous landmarks. Traveling to Budapest in the fall, visitors will surely be fascinated by the beauty of golden fall sunshine, tinged with honey on the classic Baroque architectural space.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Budapest's autumn

It can be said that nowhere of the Danube is as beautiful and romantic as in Budapest. The river is like a silk strip crossing the city, with the unique landscape and style on both sides of the river that adds to the lyrical look. If Pest is a fast-moving place, almost everything happening here is in a hurry, then Buda is full of tranquility, possessing beautiful fairy-like hills.

8. Moscow, Russia

Moscow fall as well as across Russia could not help but mention the beautiful leaf-changing forests. The parks here are glowing with the typical red and yellow colors of fall. To fully experience this space, visitors to the parks at Sparrow hill, Neskuchny Sad, Sokolniki, Izmailovsky or botanical garden.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Autumn in Moscow

Fall is also a good time for you to visit the museum complexes in Moscow. Coming here, visitors can freely explore palaces, churches, old houses, and fall parks in Kuzminky, Tsaritsyno, Kuskovo, Arkhangelskoye and Kolomenskoye (there is also a very attractive apple harvest season).

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9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as the "Venice of the North" with gentle canals weaving in the heart of the city, suggesting the lyrical and liberal features of the Dutch sky. At this time, both sides of the road are tinged with the bright yellow color of leaves, the rows of houses on the street are colorful with flowers adorning the ancient architecture.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Amsterdam is golden in autumn

Traveling to Amsterdam these days, why don't you try to go down to Dam Square and Rembrandtplein, Rijkmuseum, Vondelpark ... to see how the sky is peaceful and peaceful in the day, so vibrant when night down.
10. Boston, USA

Perhaps no other city in America is more beautiful than Boston, a city with immense maple carpeting, extending all the way to the Canadian border. As a city with hundreds of years of history, Boston brings in itself the ancient and romantic beauty with long-standing historical architecture in red brick color.

The 10 best fall vacations in 2019
Harvard University, Boston, USA

In particular, the most famous fall tourist destination in Boston is the Harvard school - one of the top prestigious schools in the world. Coming here on an fall morning, visitors will see each carpet of red and yellow leaves spread on the ground, covered with the trees blended with the enthusiastic learning atmosphere of young people, ... All bring a unforgettable aftertaste for your fall.

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