The 10 best cities to visit in France

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France is a country with many beautiful and famous cities with unique characteristics in cosmetics, perfume, fashion, cuisine...

If you intend to travel in France, the first thing you should do is visit the major cities here - the largest and most beautiful ones. You will hardly be able to resist the intense attraction from the beauty that God has bestowed on this country.

The 10 best cities in France

1. Paris

Paris is the ultimate urban destination in France. It is really interesting and it takes a lot of time to visit the museums, sightseeing and tourist attractions here. It is also the perfect city to aimlessly wander around, exploring lovely neighborhoods such as the Île Saint-Louis and the Marais. It is the place to find world-class cuisine and world-class art, where we can see the classic architecture and sophisticated fine art.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Paris has that ancient and unique beauty of a capital

2. Lyon

Lyon is often underestimated, but there is much to compliment about this ancient city. The museum offers a wide range of displays such as silk, film, fine arts, and printing. This is also a great destination to enjoy the unique cuisine of France. In addition, Lyon has the Rhône river flowing through the city, and many ancient churches, which create a sense of peace and freedom when visitors arrive here.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Fanciful and magnificent architecture of the ancient buildings

3. Marseille

Marseille is the largest city in Provence and the second largest in France. It attracts visitors by the fresh climate, the clear blue sea with the yachts beautiful as a picture. That is why you should come here to relax by the blue sea and white sand of Marseille beach. Only 700 km from Paris, visitors can travel here by high-speed trains which takes just 3 hours, while traveling by car takes more than 8 to 9 hours.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
The major port city of France brings beauty and tranquility

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4. Lille

Lille is famous for its friendly environment and active cultural life. With many historical structures, museums, monuments, parks, gardens, shopping malls... Lille can always meet the needs of tourists. Lille is blessed with a central location in Europe. It's an hour and a half from London, 1 hour from Paris and 30 minutes from Brussels. Unsurprisingly, Lille is a wonderful combination of many European cultures. T

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Lille is a unique destination rich in art, architecture and culture

5. Toulouse

Throughout France's history, thanks to its lively beauty, Toulouse has enthralled every tourist who arrived here. Toulouse is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in France. But Toulouse is not a big city, so you can walk to most of the tourist attractions within the city quite comfortably. Walking is definitely the best way to explore this city. Toulouse is also a very clean, dust-free city. You can wear black shoes or wear a brightly colored shirt all day without worrying about dirt. You can find many garbage bins on the streets, in the restaurants, hotels... and other public places.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Toulouse is a clean city

6. Nice

Nice is a beautiful beach city, and an ideal destination for couples, honeymooners. Owning a beautiful beach full of sunshine, white sand, blue sea combined with cafes, Nice is where you can sip a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine while catching the sea breeze or bathing in the sun. Nice is also perfect for fishing and cruising. Just like in Italy or Spain, the narrow streets here are surrounded by tall houses - usually the tallest has 5 floors, painted in warm colors, such as red, yellow and ocher.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Nice is the most livable coastal city in France

7. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is sometimes overlooked in terms of tourism, but we should not miss this prosperous city which is full of great shops, historical sights and mysterious and aromatic wine cellars. In terms of climate, Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful and freshest cities in France.

Bordeaux has about 120,000 hectares of vineyards, 9,000 wineries and 13,000 grape farms. With an annual production capacity of over 700 million bottles of wine, Bordeaux is home to the world's most delicious, famous and expensive wines. Owning the beautiful architectural works of the 18th century, the city of Bordeaux has always been the preferred choice of tourists and filmmakers.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Bordeaux is where the most delicious, famous and expensive wines in the world are made

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8. Nantes

Nantes is a city in western France, located next to the Loire river. This charming city possesses a beautiful castle and some famous museums. Nantes, dubbed the city of art and history, was the first place in France to have a bus lane. Nantes now gives priority to developing its industry and tourism, while protecting the environment. Nantes has also implemented many cooperation projects with other cities in Europe to improve the quality of life of its people.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Nantes is located next to the Loire river

9. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is famous for its beautiful wooden houses and magnificent churches... As it is a famous tourist city, you can easily find and book a hotel when coming to this old city. For the most convenient trip, you should book a hotel in the city center. There are many high-class hotel with modern decorations. 

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Strasbourg is a famous city of art

10. Toulon

Toulon is a city in southern France and a major military port on the Mediterranean coast, with a large French naval base. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, Toulon is the center of an urban area with ​​559,421 inhabitants (in 2008), the ninth largest in France. Toulon is France's fourth largest city on the Mediterranean coast after Marseille, Nice and Montpellier.

The 10 best cities to visit in France
Toulon is France's fourth largest city on the Mediterranean coast, after Marseille, Nice and Montpellier.

The Toulon Opera House is located in Place Victor Hugo. It was designed by architect Charles Garnier and built in 1862, most of the theater's decoration is made by local artists. Mourillon is the most beautiful beach and closest to the city, with full facilities for families and people with disabilities, playgrounds, restaurants and large landscaped areas where you can lie down on your towels in the summer.

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