Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

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While Tel Aviv Israel at night is a party paradise, by day it is a great place for families. You can see children everywhere, in markets, beaches and parks.

17 years ago, Tel Aviv was mostly home to retirees or students in Israel. So what has changed? Thanks to investments in city renewal, green spaces, beaches, transportation and homes, families flock back to Tel Aviv from the suburbs. Today, walking down any streets, you will find small playgrounds where children can play safely while parents enjoy a cappuccino in this city.

Because of the city's small size, children can easily move in the center of Tel Aviv. Here are the top picks if you decide to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel with your family.

How to get the best of a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel

What to do in Tel Aviv?

Children of all ages will visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, or rather a theater museum complex in the city. Older children may prefer a surrealistic collection of modern art to authors like Picasso and Monet, so the older kids will love open spaces, colorful sculptures and exhibits. Special shows, shows for kids. There are countless works and items that are enough for the most curious children to entertain.

Located on the campus of Tel Aviv University, the museum is designed for children and tells the story of the natural world, with exhibits about dinosaurs, reptiles, migratory birds, plus an interactive exhibition about life in the dark.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

Perhaps not an obvious choice for children, but the Heroes exhibit at Beit Hatfutsot (Jewish museum) offers an interesting look at geniuses like Einstein. There is also a sports area where children can compete in the virtual Olympics and one area that can create 3D pictures. The ancient Old Jaffa maze will inspire older children.

Safari Ramat Gan will delight the kids when driving through rhinos, flamingos and zebras.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

Teenagers will probably love Luna Park, a small theme park where guests can enjoy exciting adventures. The Superland "brother" in the southern suburb of Rishon LeZion has more space and attractions including a pirate ship, several roller coasters and a rapids on the river.

Holon, just a short taxi ride away from Tel Aviv, is the "home" of the Israeli Children's Museum, an experimental museum with a series of random exhibits from aliens and magic forests to The Beatles and the life cycle of a butterfly.

Nearby, Yamit 2000, Israel's largest water park, boasts about 20 water slides, though only open during the summer months.

The best beaches for children

All 14km of the city length are white sand beaches. Here, you can sunbathe while children happily collect seashells, build sand stations ... All Tel Aviv beaches have lifeguards, outdoor showers and ice cream shops.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

The water near the shore is mild, so any child can swim safely. Although occasionally black flags appear, usually after a storm, signaling a ban on swimming for the time being.

Metzitzim Beach on the north is an enclosed bay with a small playground on the beach and a beach bar.

Hilton Beach offers kayaking, water skiing, water sports for older children.

Frishman Beach and Gordon Beach are at the heart of the action, with plenty of open space. Gordon Beach also has a Gordon pool overlooking the Tel Aviv wharf, where children can play outdoors and swim, sunbathing chairs, a large saltwater pool for parents.

Alma Beach, in front of the Florentin neighborhood in the south, has a relaxed atmosphere and is loved by families. Because it is only a short distance from the old tourist attraction Old Jaffa. The heat can be devastating during the summer months, so it's best to arrive early in the morning or late afternoon and of course, children should wear hats.

The best parks for kids

Tel Aviv is a beautiful green city, with lots of parks and playgrounds for children to relax.

The biggest of all, Park HaYarkon is a vibrant land on the banks of the Yarkon River. In the park, there are a number of attractions for children, from a small farm with mountain goats to duck boats, botanical gardens, bird parks and even hot air balloons.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

Independence Park has a large playground with swings, slides and climbing frames. It is also a beautiful Tel Aviv tourist destination for a picnic overlooking the ocean. Toddlers will love the Old Port with its wide wooden walkways, sand bunkers and fountains, ideal for small scooters.

Gan Meir Park and Sarona both have large outdoor playgrounds, plus cafes and adult shops.

Even the inner city of Tel Aviv has peaceful places to play, including a park on Dubnov street (near Sarona) and another park on Amsterdam street (behind Arlozorov street).

If shopping is on the to-do list on Israel's travel itinerary, Gan Ha’ir and Dizengoff Center have mischakiyot (small playgrounds) for babies and toddlers.

Restaurants in Tel Aviv for kids

Most Tel Aviv cafes serve families and have menus for children. The city has so many great food or street food options that the choice of eating places in Tel Aviv is a "headache" problem for families.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

An easy choice is Landwer Café, where waiters often bring children crayons and puzzles and pasta, pizza or schnitzel. Allora's friendly Italian restaurant is good for children and of course, no shortage of great dessert ice cream.

If you find less choice of ice cream, head to Arte, a must-see gelato shop with a delicious homemade taste like cherry pie.

Tamara is a frozen yogurt paradise, where children can add sweets and chocolate sauce to their icy creations.

Families looking for fresh fish will not be disappointed. Check in Goocha, the fashionable seafood restaurant in the north, or The Old Man & the Sea to bring the best fish in Jaffa.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

If you're still not satisfied, one of the best street food experiences can be found at Carmel Market. It has bustling small stalls, selling fruits, fresh vegetables, olives, herbs, spices, along with bread and candy. Shuk (market) may be noisy, crowded, but it is also a party for the senses. With its strange colors, smells and music, it seems to bring the child back to a time when he was in front of shop glass windows and longing.

Tel Aviv is a great place to introduce kids to introduce kids to hummus (chicken pea soup) and falafel (fried bean paste). HaKosem is one of the best selling falafel in the city, famous for its delicious blue falafel balls (colored from coriander). It also serves Shawarma (a dish of Middle Eastern cuisine that consists of thinly sliced ​​meat, stacked on top of each other like a cone and grilled slowly on a vertical axis like Doner Kebab).

For a cheap bite, head to Abu Lafia & Sons on Yefet Road for bourekas and Arabian pizza.

The best time to travel to Tel Aviv

It is spring (late February to May) and autumn (late September to November), when the weather is not scorching hot.

Tel Aviv, Israel: The best seaside city for your family vacation

If you travel to Tel Aviv in July and August, the temperature and humidity will be very high, and the place is also very crowded.

Room rates skyrocket during Jewish festive months such as Pesach (around April) and Sukkot (one week in early October), although there are many programs and exhibitions for children at these times.

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