Teacher Nowhere Near As Hot As Last One In Trouble For Sex Acts With 7 Students

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Another day, another dollar.

It’s true – 28-year-old Cori is nowhere near as hot as the last teacher student sex scandal we had. But to be fair to Cori, we shouldn’t be comparing her to Stephanie Peterson. Peterson is like walking through Compton and finding a unicorn nonchalantly eating out of a garbage bin, whereas Cori is more like something you dug out of a grease trap.

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Yikes – let’s get some Stephanie in here to cleanse our palates.

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Ok, no more Stephanie for the rest of the article. Hope you’re good at holding your breath, because Cori looks like she smells like the goo that forms on the bottom of your vegetable drawer when you haven’t cleaned it for a year.

According to Daily Mail, Cori Beard was an assistant coach for the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams at Vernon Hills High School starting in 2013. Girl made it three years before deciding it was high-time she started diddling some minors, with police believing that she has engaged in “at least a dozen” sex acts with seven students between December 2016 and last month.

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“At least some of the crimes occurred at Beard’s residence” Vernon Hills Police Chief Patrick Kreis stated, adding that the unnamed students were under the age of 17 when the alleged incidents took place. It wasn’t until a parent of one of the victims contacted the school, however, that the investigation was opened.

After interviewing Beard and the students on Thursday night, police made the call to arrest Beard and charge her with 12 counts of criminal sexual assault in relation to three of the alleged victims, and are currently in the process of interviewing four more. “All of these males have since graduated from Vernon Hills High School but were attending the high school when there may have been criminal conduct on the part of Ms. Beard between her and the boys,” Vernon Hills Police Deputy Chief Patrick Zimmerman explained.

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In the meantime, Vernon Hills has begun attempting some damage control by releasing a statement on Saturday afternoon:

'The safety and well-being of students and staff is our top priority, and Community High School District 128 regrets the pain some individuals may be experiencing as a result of recent allegations made regarding the conduct of District 128 employee Cori Beard…’

'Upon learning of her possible criminal conduct involving a student, the administration, working cooperatively with the police department, took measures to assure that Beard would have no further contact with students or staff.'

Beard is currently being held at the Lake County Jail in lieu of $1 million bond. Her next scheduled court date is March 13th.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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