Teacher Discovered Having Affair For More Than Three Years With Student

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You’ve gotta give Angela Webb some credit – three years is a looooong time to have a secret affair. Even with people who aren’t sleeping with kids under 18, you still get to see them getting busted on video:

Most of these teacher student sex scandals get busted after about six months of underage dong diddlin’, so to keep this going for more than four times longer is a real accomplishment; sadly, this accomplishment has no rewards, no benefits, and will probably land her in jail.

Teacher Discovered Having Affair For More Than Three Years With Student

According to Visalia Times Delta, 50-year-old Angela Webb was a PE teacher at Tulare Union High School in California when allegations arose that she had been sleeping with an underage student. Police initially were alerted to the relationship on June 20th; investigators then interviewed the victim, who confirmed the allegations against Webb. As for who she’d been sleeping with, Lt. Jarod Boatman stated that “The identity, gender, and age of the victim will not be released due to the sensitive nature of the investigation.”

Webb had been working for the Tulare school district since 1992, and made an annual salary of $133,677.30. I know this is a story about teachers fucking students, but that is an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money to pay a PE teacher -- science, english, or math? Sure fine, whatever -- as long as they're qualified and effective then fine. We need But a PE teacher? At most give her $60K; this woman was getting paid over $100K to tell the chunky kids that they had to run faster if they didn't wanna be tagged "it" anymore. Some districts have their PE teachers handle health class in addition to PE, but even that's a joke.

Teacher Discovered Having Affair For More Than Three Years With Student

After executing a search warrant at her home on Friday and an interrogation by detectives, Webb was arrested and booked into the Tulare County Pretrial facility. The school district, predictably and understandably, went and distanced themselves from her as quickly as possible: "The district takes the allegations against Mrs. Webb very seriously and is continuing to work with Tulare Police Department as they investigate this matter. While the district understands the need and desire for more information, there are specific laws that govern school districts which prohibit the district from sharing details of an ongoing personnel investigation."(via) With any luck, Angela Webb will figure out a way to keep herself out of jail like teacher Taylor Boncal did, but who knows? She might've been able to keep the affair under wraps for three years, but it's not like boinking kiddos is a surefire sign of intelligence.

Teacher Discovered Having Affair For More Than Three Years With Student[H/T Visalia Times Delta]

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