Tara Reid Slurred Every Word She Said In This Interview And I Couldn’t Love Her More

Articles Aug 17, 2018 09:00

Tara Reid is the actress you go to when Mena Suvari is busy, Jennifer Lawrence demands too high of a paycheck, and the idea of casting Tara only occurred to you because you’ve been smoking crack for a full week non-stop. That’s not to say she’s a bad actress – she’s got a pulse and knows how to say words. But it appears that one of her two biggest assets is beginning to fail her, as Tara went on Australian talk show Today Extra and could barely get a coherent sentence out:

You can see the full train wreck of an interview HERE, but it’s pretty much more of the same (although you can hear some studio crew members laughing in the background) – Tara slurs her words, tries to talk about her upcoming Sharknado movie, and to her credit, she kind of pulls it back together after about a minute and a half…

Who would’ve thought that Tara Reid could’ve sunk even further than Sharknado?

— Lord Fridge PhD. (@Senor_M_Fridge) August 17, 2018 …but the damage is already done.

Not that there’s a whole lot of damage to be had, considering people have come to expect this sort of thing out of Tara. And I’ve gotta admit, I love it – Tara Reid is the hot mess every girl aspires to be, but usually winds up crashing and burning right around the time where you start pre-gaming work every morning. Every now and then you read a story about a functional heroin addict who runs a fortune 500 or something equally ridiculous, and people always hmmm and haaa about "This is total bullshit; I stay sober so I can ACHIEVE my DREAMS like a good person"

Oh yeah? Well Tara Reid has starred in not one, but SIX Sharknado movies -- if that's not achieving your dreams then I don't know what is. Move over Scorsese, the SyFy channel's original content is coming for your Academy Awards. This woman THRIVES on being a hot mess, and the fact that her career is still alive is just a testament to how functional of a drinker, smoker, whatever she is. And for that, I’m proud. Fuck the haters, Tara – and if you can’t fuck them, just drink them under the table, ideally right before a television interview.

[H/T News.au]

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