Tao diet follows traditional Chinese medicine

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The diet includes massage to promote digestion and 9 eating principles such as putting vegetables in the middle of the plate, chewing enough, cooking ...

Tao diet helps the body to balance the diet, helps strengthen. health and effective methods of reducing dumb. This regime includes a massage therapy and 9 eating principles. Chantal Lehmann, a physical therapist, has done a number of studies to prove that massage aids the flow of meridians and helps the digestive system function smoothly. "Warm your hands first, then massage in a circular motion around the navel. Do it 20 times clockwise and then 20 times in the opposite direction, not only to help you digest well, but also to avoid fatigue. fatigue, stress", she said.

The 9 principles of the Tao diet are as follows:

Tao diet follows traditional Chinese medicine

Place vegetables in the middle of the plate: Vegetables provide the body with the energy source of nature. In the middle of the plate are cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats, etc.) and legumes, surrounded by other dishes such as tofu, meat or fish. Can eat 1-2 fruits a day and do not eat with meals.

Avoid "wet" foods: For Chinese people, "wet" foods are milk, sugar, fatty meats, plenty of water and fat in general. These foods cause indigestion, which causes the spleen to work at high frequency, which can lead to water retention, weight gain.

Tao diet follows traditional Chinese medicine

Cut food to taste and cook well: In Chinese cuisine, people very rarely eat raw food. Vegetables, meat are fried on high heat in a pan with little oil, cut into bite-sized pieces. As a result, the food is easy to digest and always keeps the vitamins needed to provide the body. According to the Tao regime, the preferred method of processing is steaming.

Eat neither too hot nor too cold: The ability to digest quickly decreases by high temperature foods, burnt dishes or low temperature foods such as ice-cold drinks, ice cubes, ice cream, etc. eat warm or hot food, including salads served at regular heat.

Tao diet follows traditional Chinese medicine

Drink water properly: Drinking more than one liter a day will help reduce tissue congestion. Good drinks are green tea, herbal tea and warm or hot water. For tea, water is used at 70oC. Do not use coffee, soda, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.

Chewing enough: The digestive process begins when the food in the mouth mixes the enzymes of saliva. Chewing fifteen to twenty times per piece is necessary and sufficient for weight loss, especially for those who eat too fast.

Tao diet follows traditional Chinese medicine

Stop eating: When you sip, the digestive system doesn't rest. However, when continuous spleen will affect the digestive system, causing digestive disorders, the risk of weight gain. So we need to divide the time between snacks. In case of appetite, you can drink water to compensate.

Stop junk food: In order to lose weight effectively, it's best to avoid white bread, cakes, chocolate, crackers, popcorn, candies, jams, ice cream, desserts high in sugar ...

Tao diet follows traditional Chinese medicine

Eat less and consciously eat: Like the Okinawa diet, Tao follows the principle of not overloading the stomach. The stomach should be only 75% full, half the food, a quarter of the liquid and the rest of the vacuum. During meals should be kept silent to allow people to be aware of what they eat. Finally, a Chinese proverb states, "A person walking a hundred steps after a meal will live for 99 years." Experts say, in addition to the nine principles above, at all meals, do not eat too much protein, do not use high-calorie milk including cheese and yogurt, do not eat raw vegetables because it is difficult to digest.

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