Take a look at the most expensive super watches in the world

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The watches are made from diamonds, gold or meteorites such as moon rocks, Mars meteorites ... are the most sophisticated masterpieces of art, showing the class of the wearer. Of course, these are also considered the most expensive watches in the world.

 Below we have researched the world’s most expensive watches that have survived the test of time. 

Top 5 expensive super watches in the world

The first perpetual calendar clock in the world, priced at 11 million USD:

Take a look at the most expensive super watches in the world

A 1943 Patek Philippe watch was recently sold for a record price - 11 million USD. The watch does not have diamond or gemstone. It was previously known that the auctioneer had priced the watch at about $ 3 million, but it was eventually purchased by an anonymous private collector at a price nearly four times higher. This Patek Philippe is plated with steel and is one of only four rare steel watches worldwide. No diamonds or gemstones on the watch. The precious point of the watch lies in its feature that displays the perpetual calendar. According to Forbes, this 1943 Patek Philippe is the first perpetual calendar produced in the world. This perpetual calendar display feature can help the clock display the day without alignment, even in leap years.

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Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch - $ 4,600,000:

Take a look at the most expensive super watches in the world

Louis Moinet Meteoris is one of the most successful works of the great watchmaker Louis Moinet. This watch has up to 4 separate operating tourbillon. Meteoris is more valuable not in gem-encrusted design but more specifically in material usage - meteorites: moon rocks, Mars meteorites and other asteroids. It can be said that you are carrying on a miniature universe when owning this high-end watch.

Watches with the most diamonds:

Take a look at the most expensive super watches in the world

Swiss watchmakers set Big Bang's 'standards' as a watchmaking template and embark on finding diamonds of the right size to Design and make a very high-end version. The result is a watch with 1,282 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats in total with precision cuts and six diamonds weighing more than 3 carats each mounted on the watch. The final price of this watch is up to $ 5 million. An unimaginable number for most of us, but it seems nothing compared to Beyonce Knowles. This singer bought a watch to give her husband's 43rd birthday - male singer Jay-Z.

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$11 million pocket watch:

Take a look at the most expensive super watches in the world

In 1925, Henry Graves Jr, a banker but very passionate about watches, ordered Patek Philippe to create a unique pocket watch. This idea was born out of a competition between Graves and carmaker James Ward Packard about making the most complicated watch - a truly bizarre challenge. Eight years later the watch was completed. Patek Philippe created for Graves the most elaborate handmade watch ever. The watch has 24 functions, including perpetual calendar, night sky of New York City, moon phase, power reserve, indicator of sunrise and sunset ... This November, this watch will be auctioned off. Experts say that its value will certainly not be less than $15 million.

The most expensive watch on the planet:

Take a look at the most expensive super watches in the world

Making its debut in the fall of 2014, Graff Hallucination is currently the most expensive watch on the planet. For $ 55 million, who can own this fine art masterpiece? The watch is like a brilliant flower thanks to the encrusted full-color diamonds of nearly 110 carats. Each shiny diamond with different shapes and colors has created a perfect product that is unmatched and always the pride of the founder of Graff Diamonds - Mr. Laurence Graff.

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