Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

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To overcome vitamin deficiency, you must revise your diet and concern taking vitamin supplements.

Vitamins are known as an organic compound that benefits the body, both internally and externally. You can spot signs of vitamin deficiency on your skin, hair and nails. Specifically:

Without vitamins, your skin will become rough, wrinkled and dry. Small wounds will be difficult to heal and often leave bruises. In addition, the fact that your nails are not pink anymore and become brittle... is also a very clear manifestation of the body's vitamin deficiency.

Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

Vitamin deficiency affects the hair. Signs of vitamin deficiency on your hair are: the appearance of dandruff, hair breaks and gray hair strands. If left untreated, the hair will be so thin you see bald patches. To overcome the aforementioned conditions, you need to supplement the body with lacking vitamins via diet or supplements.
Dietary vitamin supplements don't usually meet the body's needs, so vitamin deficiencies are common. Therefore we need to better understand the vitamins to be able to promptly replenish our body through external sources.

The vitamins you need to add immediately

Vitamin A

There have been many studies in the world proving that vitamin A has the effect of fading dark spots, treating acne, flattening wrinkle and rejuvenating our skin safely. When vitamin A is introduced into the body, it will cause skin cells to metabolize faster, refreshing the skin without irritating it. Signs of vitamin A deficiency are: dry lips, thick skin, dry conjunctiva and cornea...
Vitamin A is found in two main forms
- Active vitamin A (also known as retinol): This is derived from animal sources such as meat, eggs, butter, milk... and is a precursor of vitamin A. It can be directly used by the body.
- Beta-carotene (carotenoids provitamin): It is abundant in plants and needs to be converted into the active form of Vitamin A (Retinol) to be absorbed by the body. It is found in vegetables, yellow and red fruits, carrots, vegetables, amaranth...

Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

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In addition, you can also supplement the lack of vitamin A through the pill form. However, you should also choose products with origin to avoid counterfeit drugs that affect health. In some cases, it is necessary to supplement this vitamin in synthetic forms because the body is difficult to absorb. Therefore, when using it is necessary to comply with the instructions of the doctor.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a great supplement for your skin, especially suitable for dry skin or a skin with lots of brown spots. Add vitamin B to your daily diet or with skin care products, the nutrients in them will make the skin surface smooth, soft, limit acne and cleanse pores.
When vitamin B deficiency, your body will protest through signs such as tired body, chapped lips, brittle nails, brittle hair ...

Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

The human body cannot store B vitamins (except B12), so a daily supplement is necessary. Most of the B vitamins are found in everyday foods, so you can supplement by eating foods like: almonds and almond milk, walnuts, avocados, bananas, cashews, asparagus, pumpkins, spinach, peanuts, green beans...
However, when you show signs of loss of appetite, drowsy body, frequent insomnia, nausea, or hair loss, regular inhalation of smoke, you can supplement vitamin B as a supplement.

Vitamin C

An indispensable vitamin for your skin is vitamin C, because it has the ability to prevent, treat freckles, slow down the aging process and even reverse the signs of skin aging.

Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

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Signs of vitamin C deficiency are: root bleeding, swollen gums, dry, brittle hair, dry skin and wrinkles...
Vitamin C is found in fruits such as oranges, parsley, papaya, guava, yellow bell pepper, pineapple, kiwi, mango, cauliflower...In addition to the daily diet, vitamin C is also supplemented through functional products. However, when using it, you should pay attention to the following:
- Use the right dose, do not drink too much to limit the risk of kidney stones
- Should follow the advice and instructions of the doctor
- People with hypertension should not take effervescent vitamin C because this product contains sodium chloride will cause blood pressure to rise.
- People who are gravel or have a history of gravel disease should not use or should consult a doctor if they want to use
- Should take vitamin C in the morning, after eating to maximize the absorption of nutrients, and does not affect sleep as well as stomach.
- Vitamin C will be more effective when used in combination with vitamin E.
- Limit pig liver when taking vitamin C

Vitamin E

Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

Vitamin E has the ability to provide very good natural moisture for dry skin to help the skin more soft and smooth. In addition, it also neutralizes free radicals that help protect the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays in the sun. Lack of vitamin E, skin will be dry, wrinkled, hair prone to shedding.

If you eat a normal diet with vegetable oil, green vegetables, it is not difficult to ensure enough vitamin E needs. However, in order to absorb vitamin E, the diet must have enough fat.
The use of vitamin E supplements should only be applied to people with dry skin, poor diet of vitamin E, women after the age of 30.

People with high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, liver disease, kidney failure, cancer, allergies, chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases ...need daily vitamin E supplement, but each day should not exceed 400 UI, should only be used every 1-2 months, take a break to use it again.

Vitamin K

Supplement vitamins immediately if you see signs of nutritional deficiency

Vitamin K has the ability to treat wrinkles, reduce dark circles under your eyes, thus gives you a younger and more radiant face. Symptoms of vitamin K deficiency may include: rapid aging, easy bruising, gastrointestinal bleeding, nose bleeds, heavy menstrual bleeding, blood in the urine ...
You can supplement vitamin K with your body by using vitamin K pills or foods containing vitamin K such as: green vegetables, tubers, vegetables ...

However, if you have had a stroke, heart failure or are prone to blood clotting, you should not take vitamin K supplements without consulting your doctor. If you are taking antibiotics for more than 10 days, you need to increase your vitamin K intake through your diet because antibiotics can affect your body's ability to absorb vitamin K.

In addition, if you are using drugs that reduce the amount of fat or cholesterol in the body, it may also reduce the content of oil-soluble vitamins that the body absorbs, including vitamin K. If you are taking supplements containing vitamin E, you should also be cautious because vitamin E can interfere with the effectiveness of vitamin K in the body.

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