Suggest interior design styles for the family

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Unique interior with personal imprints; close to nature; The aesthetic enhancement of home appliances is the characteristic in design.

Suggest interior design styles for the family

Bespoke interior unique trend of the rich

Bespoke will be "the game" with unique and lavish colors of architecture and furniture, which appeared from the late 19th century in England, close to the street Savile Row, specialized in tailoring services for nobles. Bespoke interior unique trend is not only suits, shoes, jewelry masterpieces but also luxurious furniture such as bed, sofa ... own design in the aesthetic style of the owner.

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Suggest interior design styles for the family

High-end customers do not want their apartment to be like anyone else, do not want to use mass-produced furniture purchased in showrooms. Many apartment owners find it difficult to find a suitable length sofa, a height table they feel convenient, or a comfortable bed just for them. Using Bespoke furniture with highlights, personal style imprints are like sewing for themselves a suit that fits well, in accordance with fashion trends.

Bring nature into the living space

Modern life in a busy and crowded city makes people increasingly want to find their way to nature. Not only stop at using a few plants adapted well in the shade, the designers also aim to create a friendly space, blending between modern furniture and natural green. Trees are considered an effective solution, turning empty walls or "dead corners" in the room to become lively.

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Suggest interior design styles for the family

Not only used for decoration, some plants such as tiger tongue, perpetual bar, betel nut, persimmon ... also help clean the indoor air, protect members' health. A beautiful small garden in the balcony with green potted plants, some blooming flower baskets will help homeowners find balance and peace of mind after stressful working hours.

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