Stupid Woman Stuffs Her Dog Into Washing Machine To ‘Entertain’ Her Instagram Followers

Articles Aug 14, 2018 11:00

Before you decide whether or not you want to watch this, know that the dog is totally fine – it’s just not the most pleasant video to sit through.

Video Of Dog In Washing Machine: Tamara Rotman

Because we’re all wondering what an abominable piece of trash would put a dog into a washing machine, her name is Tamara Rotman and she’s from Argentina. Daily mail reports that Rotman even added a survey as the caption when she uploaded the gross clip onto her Instagram, asking “Are you going to be really traumatized?”

Obviously, Rotman had to delete her account after the video began to spread past her 3,000 followers, though she recently just made a new one where the only video is of her dog running around in a yard:

A post shared by @tamarotman1 on Aug 11, 2018 at 1:59pm PDT

Video Of Dog In Washing Machine: Wtf

Honestly, at the very least this woman should have her dog taken away. Stuffing Coco into a washing machine isn’t even funny as a joke – sure I can see the washing machine hasn’t been turned on, but still -- really poor taste here. And it’s a little fucked up, but I’m more offended at the fact that this stupid woman did it to entertain her followers. You have 3,000 followers and you think a significant majority of them woke up this morning like “You know what I’ve been dying to see? A dog stuck in a washing machine” ? Lady, animal abuse is only cool when it’s at the circus, and even now people have to absolve some guilt by convincing themselves that the elephants WANT to do cool tricks in exchange for peanuts.

Like, if this were the dark web then cool – you’re still a shit human being, but I can see how THAT audience would be dying for some animal abuse. The 12 people who actually follow you and the 2,988 you went and bought? Doubtful to say the best. Rotman is the type of girl who’d invite you over for a pizza sleepover at her house, but it turns out that her family is vegan and they put pineapple on everything – just a terrible, terrible judge of audience.

Stupid Woman Stuffs Her Dog Into Washing Machine To ‘Entertain’ Her Instagram Followers[H/T Daily Mail]

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