Spurs Fans Get Too Drunk And Leave Ajax Game At Half-Time

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A family of Tottenham Hotspur supporters managed to miss the biggest game of their team's existence by leaving at half-time during the dramatic comeback victory over Ajax - because they were pissed and thought it was full-time.

That means that James, Michael and Will Perkins left the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam when Spurs were 2-0 down and 'all hope seemed lost'.

The trio thought that they were being remarkably clever and beating the crowds by leaving early, but only realised afterwards that they'd actually skipped out after only 45 minutes of the match.

What a 45 minutes it was. Spurs mounted an amazing comeback to win 3-2 on the night - 3-3 on away goals across the two legs - and secure their place in the Champions League final on 1 June against Liverpool.

Spurs Fans Get Too Drunk And Leave Ajax Game At Half-Time
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Probably the biggest 45 minutes in the history of Tottenham Hotspur, and these three watched it from a hotel bar.

Basically, they all drank 12 pints before the match and were in a state of some disrepair when they arrived at the stadium.

Twenty-three-year-old James said: "We just thought there was no way we were going to score three goals in less than five minutes.

"We were pretty poor and were having no chances at all. We all left just before half time - thinking it was full time.

"We didn't look like we were ever going to score. All three of us were pretty drunk and just didn't think we were going to score.

"No one was talking and everyone thought the game was over at that point. We thought we were leaving at the perfect time and wanted to beat the rush out of the ground."

Spurs Fans Get Too Drunk And Leave Ajax Game At Half-Time
Credit: SWNS

In a state of abject misery, and thoroughly pissed up, they made their way back to the hotel. On their way, a friend called and told them that they'd actually left a long time before the game finished.

During that call, Spurs' Lucas Moura scored the first goal of his hat-trick and began the rescue mission.

James continued: "We were stood waiting for the train and my friend called me. He couldn't believe we had left. He said the game was still going on.

"He told me when Spurs scored the first goal. I was so confused. But then I realised no one was stood around us waiting for a train.

"We were able to watch in the bar and to be honest, I'm fine with it now. I was still excited to be watching because of what was happening.

"I was just happy we were coming back. It's still amazing to see us reach the final.

"It was an unbelievable feeling when we had won. I took my shirt off and started running around.

"Obviously, it would have been better to be there but it was still an incredible experience for sure. We celebrated as if we were still at the ground.

Spurs Fans Get Too Drunk And Leave Ajax Game At Half-Time
Credit: SWNS

Despite that, the group are planning to head for Madrid on 1 June to attend the final. This time they might even stay until the end.

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