Sophie Turner Warns Game of Thrones Fans Will Be Upset By Ending

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Sophie Turner Warns Game of Thrones Fans Will Be Upset By Ending

With Game of Thrones already receiving a barrage of backlash with unhappy fans voicing their opinions online – just yesterday an online petition reaching over one million signatures, called for show runners to re-write the final season.

Adding more fuel to the fire, 23-year-old actress Sophie Turner has admitted that the shows final ever episode will upset fans – but says there will be a ‘very satisfying’ outcome for her character Sansa Stark.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the Lady of Winterfell said:

I’ve had a bit of an identity crisis to be honest, I’ve grown up for so many years as this character.

It’s a great ending, from my perspective, it’s very satisfying. But I think a lot of people will be upset too.

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The show has received extensive criticism from it’s army of loyal fans all around the world – some of whom seriously cannot get their head around the season 8 storylines – and I completely understand why.

After watching Cersei Lannister’s evil reign of terror over all who stand in her way, her demise was met by falling rubble alongside her brother/ex lover Jamie – a character who’s progression throughout the seasons deserved a far better conclusion – that is if he did die.

With Daenerys’ decision to burn King’s Landing – and all if it’s inhabitants to the ground also coming as a huge shock to the shows loyal fans.

Turning full Mad Queen, as one evil bitch dies (Cersei), another is born. Or was this the Mother of Dragons intentions all along?

Cast your minds back to season 2 when the Breaker of Chains declared:

When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!

And that’s exactly what she did.

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George RR Martin, the man responsible for the Game of Thrones universe, has publicly shared his disappointment at the films timeline – overtaking the books, despite Martin being five books deep before the first season aired.

The TV shows development meant the writer had to share plot secrets with show runners for them to finish the programme without the final books – so who knows, maybe when Martin does finish off the series of books, there will be some re-writes.

Sophie Turner Warns Game of Thrones Fans Will Be Upset By Ending PA

Whether you’ve been enjoying the final season of Game of Thrones or think it’s the worst one yet – the final ever episode airs on Monday at 2am and 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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