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Love is the Forever topic of poetry and music. Songs of love that come into the heart of the people are always favored and have a powerful influence throughout the world.

When Love goes into music, it carries different colors and statuses. And despite the colors, the songs of the best love always have one thing in common is to go into the heart honestly, it is showing the climax of the music and the true talent of the artist. Point over a list of songs about the best love below.

"Just You and I"-Tom Walker

Sometimes you only undergo temporary periods in which circumstances in life, but "just you and I" talk about even the bad times can pass if you have someone you love next door. In addition to that, it is placed at a good metronome, which is a refreshing change when it comes to a song about overcoming obstacles.

"The Bones" – Maren Morris


"The Bones" was Morris ' second single from Girl, her second album, released in March, and it was used as a sweet love celebrating the foundations of a relationship. The video for the single shows vague photographs, filtered by her husband's classical style and singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd in a testimony to the power of their marriage. The first single from the project, its title track, has recently become the No. 1 song in Morris ' second career.  

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"Cuz I Love You"-Lizzo


Since I love you have received acclaim from music critics when it was first released. At Metacritic, specify the normal rating of 100 reviews from mainstream critics, the album has an average score of 84, based on 23 reviews, which shows "universal acclaim".  

In an article for NME, critic Natty Kasambala described the album as "the perfect genre as Lizzo himself: turned up its core, but related to her jazz origins and the love of the history of twerking." 

Claire Biddles at The Line of Best Fit shared the same sentiment, calling the album "Graceful, addictive and unlikely to need effort, Cuz I Love You is Lizzo's superstar statement."  Zachary Hoskins of Slant Magazine concluded that "Lizzo's talents were always evident, but the material of this album, her strongest so far, allowed her to take it on the full screen.

"Mine Right Now"-Sigrid


Sigrid's "Mine Right Now" is one of the original songs that still exist firmly in the present. Singing through a heavy, playful rhythm, Norwegian artist sings about the idea of living in the present, even if the disaster lasts.

"Young and in Love"-Ingrid Michaelson

In Young and In Love, the pastor, author, and speaker Ted Cickyham boldly argue that young love should be glorified, even be motivated. Early marriage may be the Lord's would and often provide the key to purity in sex. With this mindset, Cickyham shares the secret to having a successful early marriage with those in adolescence.  

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