Sometimes You Just Need A Long Lunch Break In The Middle Of The Day

Uncategory Sep 05, 2018 08:30

When your mailman enjoys his job a little TOO much.

Dude in the Hurley shirt gets to hear about it alllll the way home.

*Bends over*

And he was the only survivor.

Steve Harvey and the Queen dress like they're going to prom together.

A glitch in the matrix.

Keanu Reeves ages like an asian: not at all.

This kid is going places.


When the photographer has some extra time to kill.

Crossing guard outside of an elementary school.

This is how you market.

Art imitates life.

Real Life Tom!!!

No one said you could stop.

*Tracksuit intensifies*

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes.


Alaska gets its time to shine.

How does it feel to be shoved into a corner, non-Alaskans?


How times have changed.

Technically correct.

Who are we to say he's lying?

Fucking pauper.


The Dark Knight Returns.

Reading at a college level.

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