Some useful hand skin care tips in the winter

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Our hands have less greasy glands than other areas of our body. Therefore, in the winter, the hands become dry and chapped.

Pay attention to the following ways to care for your hands to make your hands softer.

Some useful hand skin care tips in the winter

Pay attention to hand sanitizer:

To care for your skin, when you wash your hands, you should pay attention to the temperature of the water. Hot water will peel off the protective layer of oil, while cold water can cause a numb feeling, especially in the winter. Ideally, you should wash your hands with just enough warm water, neither too hot nor too cold.

Some useful hand skin care tips in the winter

When washing your hands, avoid using deodorant, anti-bacterial, foaming, or scented soaps, as all of these soaps contain additives that wash off your skin's protective oils. You should not use rose water containing alcohol or products containing AHA (often found in anti-aging creams) because they can cause dry skin. To prevent your hands from getting parched in the winter, you should pay attention to wash your hands with warm enough water and limit contact with soap and chemicals.

Drink enough water:

Some useful hand skin care tips in the winter

One of the important things to combat dry hands is to drink water. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy, elastic and dry. That's the way to moisturize from the inside.

Protect your hands from the harmful effects of chemicals:

Avoid direct contact with chemicals from washing powders, dishwashing liquid, house cleaning liquid ... These substances contain chemical components with strong cleaning properties. dry skin, can even make you allergic The solution for you to take care of your skin in this case is wearing rubber gloves for housework. Note only wearing rubber gloves for about 10 minutes is to take off so your hands do not get clogged (when wearing latex gloves, your hands are very susceptible to moisture and allergy).

Some useful hand skin care tips in the winter

After finishing the housework and removing gloves, you should wash your hands clean, let dry and sprinkle on a little bit of chalk to help dry and smooth hands again. On hot days, you should also wear soft gloves or sunscreen to protect your hands from sunburn and dehydration. When going out in the cold, you should also wear wool or soft leather gloves to protect the skin.


Some useful hand skin care tips in the winter

Applying olive oil to the skin of the hands not only regenerates the skin but also helps the hands become softer. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is used to care for skin hands, anti-aging, prevent wrinkles, increase elasticity.

Exfoliate your hands:

One way to keep your hands soft, ruddy and not cracked during the dry season is to exfoliate your hands every week. This will help remove dirt and keep your hands healthy and beautiful. Use 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup raw sugar mixed with olive oil, apply to the skin of your hands and massage gently, then rinse with water. This exfoliating method is very safe and effective.

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