Sleep habits that can be dangerous to your health

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If you make some mistakes when you go to bed, you may not wake up forever. Studies have shown that the following sleep patterns are very dangerous to life, especially in the last case, many people suffer.

American scientists discovered that the negative sleep patterns of some people can disrupt the body's natural defenses against cancer, causing rapid deterioration of human health.

According to research results of the University of Pennsylvania (USA), it has proved that a series of processes in the body can be disturbed by poor quality sleep. Sleeps that start too late or have intermittent sleep patterns, waking up one or more times in the middle of the night .. can all endanger human health.

Sleep habits that can be dangerous to your health

What types of sleep are dangerous to your health?

Fall asleep after being drunk

After drinking alcohol, you will feel more or less uncomfortable. At this point, most people will tell you: Drinking, sleeping will be good. However, after drinking, you fall asleep and risk choking. Because drunk people are susceptible to vomiting, lice don't wake up, throat reflexes and swallowing movements are relatively slow. If lying on your back or on your stomach, it is very difficult for vomiting to vomit, which can cause difficulty breathing. The patient may have pneumonia, and severe cases can cause choking and life-threatening problems due to airway obstruction.


If the drunk person is a little conscious, remember to choose on your side, this is a safe sleeping position after drinking. If the drunk person is unconscious, family members should do this: Take off the tie or button of the drunkard person, try to put the person on their side, watch for abnormal behavior, if there is a rare situation such as coma, asphyxiation, should go to hospital for timely treatment.

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When sleeping often snoring

Sleep and snoring can pose a variety of health hazards. The reason why people snore is because the airway is narrow or blocked during sleep, and the breathing is not normal. Abnormal breathing will lead to the body in a state of hypoxia, mildly increase the blood pressure, severe apnea will appear leading to stroke, sudden death. However, not everyone who snores will be in danger.

Sleep habits that can be dangerous to your health

If sometimes because of drinking, fatigue leads to snoring, the tone is uniform - this kind of snoring is "pure snoring". It does not affect sleep or endanger health. However, there is a situation that needs attention, which can be sleep apnea syndrome, risk of choking with manifestation of snoring for a long time, timbre of snoring at high times and low, lasting from dozens seconds to a few minutes, or after waking up during the day the mouth is dry, tired.


Lie on your side well to improve snoring, sleep apnea syndrome, go to hospital as soon as possible.

Sleep in air-conditioned car

For many people, in addition to a bed, the car is also a good place to sleep. In the summer, the air conditioner is turned on and in the winter, the heating system is also on. However, this is often the source of tragedy.

Sleep habits that can be dangerous to your health

When the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, leading to inability to the air inside and outside the vehicle, especially when the vehicle is stopped, the air conditioner may continue to operate, so that carbon monoxide released from the engine can be rolled into the car. When people rest and sleep in cars for a long time, oxygen is consumed excessively, and it is easy to poison carbon monoxide poisoning.

Seeing this, you should understand that the culprit is "carbon monoxide." Because it is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, after inhalation the patient is often unconscious and even when severe symptoms appear for unknown reasons, continues to be in an environment with carbon monoxide concentrations. until death.


When the driver should open the car window, turn on the air conditioner in the car should also open a little space in the window. When stopping, do not close the door and open the air conditioner for a long time to sleep in the car, especially the elderly, young children and people with weak bodies that need attention.

Stay up late and go to bed too late

This is a problem most people have, many people can stay up all night watching movies, watching football, surfing the web, ... this is really a worrying problem. According to Chinese media reported on the morning of September 8, a 21-year-old student, Xiaogang, lying in bed playing a mobile phone, suddenly stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating, fortunately after arriving at the hospital, the boy was promptly treated by the doctor. The doctor said that Tieu Cuong's pulmonary embolism is caused by a number of bad habits, such as being late for sleep, being sedentary, etc.

Seriously, staying up late brings a lot of health disadvantages: weight gain, hair loss, ugly skin, cancer, sudden death ...

So everyone should go to bed early. Try to sleep for about an hour during the day. At the same time, avoid eating a lot of fat in the evening, eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, food in the evening should account for 1/5 of the total amount of food all day. Also should not drink coffee, green tea, sweets ... to limit persistent insomnia.

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