Skincare secrets: Avoid getting sunburn

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Improper skin protection will cause sunburn, making your skin dark. This is an important issue, especially for girls with sensitive skin.

Protect your skin in the sun

Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun

Before going out, you should apply sunscreen on areas such as neck, and hands. Use sunscreen with SPF of 30 or above. Avoid using sunscreens with low sun protection indexes because they can leave your skin exposed to the negative effects of sunlight.
In addition to applying sunscreen, you must remember to wear a mask, covering your face to avoid sunburn and limiting dirt sticking to your skin

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Skincare secrets: Avoid getting sunburn

Clease your skin

This is an important step in the skin care process. An unclean skin is an bad skin.
Issues we often encounter such as acne, large pores, uneven skin color... are all derived from an unclean skin.

Skincare secrets: Avoid getting sunburn


Dead skins will make your skin dull. You should choose fine granular exfoliating products to gently remove dead skin, not hurting your skin.

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Skincare secrets: Avoid getting sunburn

Avoid foods that are harmful to your skin, causing heat in your body

Foods that are high-on-fat, too sweets, or too salty... can make your skin easily dehydrated, becoming dry, losing its youthful appearance.

Eat healthy foods that provide nutrients for your skin

You should eat lots of vegetables, fruits and drink enough water. Drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day. Getting enough sleep will also help you have smooth skin

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