Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your Clothes

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Put on deodorant is a good habit if you are unconfident with your body odor, but putting on too much deodorant can leave those excess deodorant stick on your clothes and become a stain afterward. It's annoying getting rid of those stain. But worry no more as we will guide you through basic ways to terminate those smudges.

Part1. Removing the Stain

Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your Clothes   1.Rub the stain with another part of the shirt. Flip your shirt inside out so that you can see the stain. Take the hem of the shirt and rub it over the stain. Alternate between using a circular motion and an up-and-down motion.

  • Be sure to use the inside of your shirt to rub the stain, in case the stain transfers.

Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your ClothesMaybe you're interested in 2 simple ways to terminate that awful deodorant stain   2. Rub the stain with a dryer sheet or a pair of nylons. Make sure that the stain is dry first, then rub it with a dryer sheet. If you cannot find a dryer sheet, try using a pair of nylons instead. Rub the stain using a circular and an up-and-down motion.

  • You can also use a sock to buff the stain away. Turn a sock inside out, and buff the stain with it until it disappears.

Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your Clothes   3. Scrub the stain away with a damp, soapy cloth. Run some hot water over a cloth (such as a towel or clean rag), and add a few drops of soap. Massage the cloth to get the soap into the fibers, then rub it over the stain. After a few minutes, the stain should be gone. If there is soap on your shirt, dip the cloth into clean water, and rub the area until the soap disappears.

  • If you do not have access to water, try using a baby wipe or a makeup remover wipe.

4. Buff the stain away with a magic eraser. Purchase a magic eraser sponge from the cleaning section of a grocery or department store. Dampen the sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Rub the stain using an up-and-down motion.   5. Try using a store bought stain remover. Fill your sink with water, and add in the amount of stain remover specified on the label. Put your shirt into the sink and let it soak. For light stains, leave the shirt in the water for an hour; for heavier stains, leave the shirt overnight. Once the shirt is done soaking, wash it in the laundry machine as usual.[1]

  • You can also try using a stain remover pen or spray. Both can be purchased in the laundry department of a grocery store.

6. Clean the stain with a paste made from baking soda and water. Mix some baking soda with just enough water to make a paste. Massage the paste into the stain and leave it there for one hour. Wash the paste off using cold water, then wash your shirt in the laundry machine.[2]   7. Wash the stain with vinegar and water. Mix one part white vinegar with one part water. Soak the stain with this solution, and rub it between your fingers. If the stain is heavy, soak the shirt in the solution for a few hours. Once you are done, wash the shirt in the laundry machine.[3]

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Part2. Avoiding Getting Stains

1. Use clear or spray-on deodorant. Make sure that the deodorant stick is clear. Some deodorants say that they "go on clear," but they are not actually clear and may leave stains. Try using a "crystal deodorant." It is made with potassium aluminum sulfate or mineral salts. It won't keep sweat at bay, but it can make an effective deodorants. Crystal deodorants won't leave any marks on clothes. If you sweat a lot, however, you may see some sweat stains.   2. Buy some alcohol-free and aluminum-free deodorant. Deodorants with these ingredients tend to cause more stains than others. Alcohols can also appear as fragrance; if you are using a scented deodorant, check the ingredient list to make sure that it does not contain alcohol.[4] Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your ClothesMaybe you're interested in 10 ways to keeping your house tidy   3. Wear less deodorant. If you roll on a thick layer of deodorant, the excess will rub off onto your shirt and leave a stain. The next time you wear deodorant, try using a little less, and see if that helps. Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your Clothes   4. Wash your shirt right after wearing it, especially if you have been sweating.Some stains don't show up until after they dry. Once dry, the stain will become harder to remove.[5] Simple Ways To Remove Deodorant Stain On Your Clothes   5. Try wearing a thin undershirt under your regular shirt. If you are wearing an expensive shirt or a uniform, wear a thin, short-sleeved shirt underneath. This will protect your more-expensive shirt from stains.[6]

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