Signs on hand early warning of liver cancer that everyone should know

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If the 3 abnormalities appear below your hand, you should have your liver checked as soon as possible to prevent liver diseases, especially cancer.

It is often said that the hand is a woman's second face. A slim, white hand can add a finishing touch to your look. However, the hands are not only valuable in appearance but also can reflect the health of the body, especially damage to the liver.

The liver is a very special organ in the body. This is one of the few internal organs that lacks peripheral nerve distribution and has a very strong compensatory capacity. More importantly, the liver is involved in many functions of the human body, such as detoxification, digestion, energy conversion and storage, ... all bodily activities cannot be separated from help. of the liver. However, it is very vulnerable to viruses, toxins, bad habits.

It is worth mentioning that even though the liver is damaged, because there are no nerves to feel it can function as normal in the early stages of the disease, so most patients with liver cancer cannot find the disease in In the onset stage, it is not until a late stage that you know you have liver cancer.

However, liver cancer is not without a trace. If the following three symptoms suddenly appear on the hand, be careful that it signals liver cancer knock on the door.

Signs on hand early warning of liver cancer that everyone should know

What signs on the hand warn liver cancer?

1. Spider mole

The so-called spider mole is a special mole with a red surrounding surface. Around the mole, there are many outward radiating capillaries that look like a spider web. Spider moles usually appear on the face, body, and hands. If multiple spider moles have appeared on the body recently for no reason, this is usually related to liver damage. The more severe the liver disease, the more spider moles appear on the body surface.

Signs on hand early warning of liver cancer that everyone should know

2. The palms of the hands have abnormally red areas

Unusual red palms are one of the common surface symptoms of chronic liver disease. Usually the palms will be uniform in color, but if the palms appear a crimson rash, be careful. This manifestation can be seen in many types of liver disease, but the most common is alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

The principle of the appearance of the sore palm is actually spider mole, related to impaired liver function. As mentioned above, the liver plays a role in many aspects, it also plays a role in hormone balancing. The adrenal glands, ovaries, and other organs of the human body continuously produce estrogen every day. After the estrogen takes effect, it completes the liver's inactivation and breakdown.

When the liver is abnormal and liver function is impaired, estrogen inactivating function has varying degrees of impediment. And estrogen accumulates in the body, it can stimulate blood vessels, causing dilatation and eventually forming spider veins and red palms.

Signs on hand early warning of liver cancer that everyone should know

3. The hand is yellow

Many people think of malnutrition and anemia when they see that their hands are yellow. But in reality, there are many factors that cause jaundice and liver cancer is one of them. The yellow coloration of the skin from liver cancer occurs not only on the hands, but also on the entire body. This symptom is called "jaundice" clinically.

The main reason is impaired liver function, which causes abnormal liver synthesis and bile secretion and bilirubin cannot be metabolized smoothly in the body. Therefore, it can only move with the blood, and when the amount of bilirubin in the body exceeds the norm, it can cause jaundice symptoms.

If the hand has suddenly had three above abnormalities recently, it could be a sign of the appearance of liver disease. However, this cannot be used as the sole criterion for evaluating liver disease and cancer. If you want to know what happens to the liver, you still need to conduct a comprehensive examination, including screening for liver function, pathological biopsy and other aspects.

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