Signs of kidney failure that many people often ignore

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There are a number of common signs that you may have kidney failure, but people often don't pay attention, here are the earliest signs of kidney failure.

Normally, the kidney has the function of filtering the blood to remove residues, retaining the substances needed for the body. If your kidneys are healthy, they will retain important substances called proteins in your blood, which your body needs protein to grow and repair.

However, if you have nephrotic disease, protein is removed from your body in the urine, which can cause edema and increase your risk of other health problems. Nephrotic disease can occur in all subjects and ages.

If patients with nephrotic syndrome are not treated promptly, they can lead to serious complications, especially kidney failure. Therefore, if you have the following signs of kidney failure, immediately go to the hospital for a health check as soon as possible.

Warning signs of kidney failure

Swollen eyes, swollen legs

The kidney is like a valve. If the water does not drain, edema will appear. There are two obvious positions: ankle swelling and puffy eyes. You can press your foot with your hand, if a dent appears, your body is filling up.

Signs of kidney failure that many people often ignore

Abnormal amount of urine

Healthy people urinate 4-6 times a day. The amount of urine is about 1000ml - 2500ml. If the amount of urine is too high, too little or increases the need to urinate at night, you should be alert.

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When you do not sleep enough will lead to dizziness symptoms. If you get enough rest but the feeling of fatigue is not relieved, accompanied by signs of headache, check for high blood pressure. This is because the organs of the kidneys are having problems.

Fatigue, symptoms of vomiting

When the structure of the kidneys changes such as protein loss, nutrient deficiencies, or impaired kidney function causing anemia, signs of fatigue appear. In addition, when the function of the kidneys is impaired, it causes hypernatremia, which stimulates the lining of the stomach, resulting in vomiting.

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Difficulty sleeping

When the kidneys have problems, the toxin cannot be eliminated and remains in the blood. Increased toxin levels make it difficult to sleep. That is why when you sleep less, the risk of decreased kidney function increases. Headache, fatigue and weakness

Healthy and working kidneys convert Vitamin D in the body to maintain strong bones and produce a hormone called Erythropoietin (EPO). This hormone plays an important role in the production of red blood cells. When your kidneys have problems, less EPO is produced. The decline of red blood cells (cells that carry oxygen) leads to rapid fatigue.

Dry and itchy skin

Healthy kidneys do their job by removing waste and excess fluid from the blood, helping to make red blood cells and maintaining proper mineral levels in the body. Itchy and dry skin signals a balance of minerals and nutrients that have led to problems with bone and kidney disease.


When waste builds up in the blood, it will change the taste of food and make your mouth smell like a metallic smell. Bad breath is another sign of too much toxin in the blood. Moreover, you may not want to eat meat and lose your appetite.

Signs of kidney failure that many people often ignore

Shortness of breath

The link between kidney disease and dyspnea, especially when physical inactivity can be caused by two factors. First, excess fluid in the body moves into the lungs when the kidneys perform poorly. Second, anemia deprives the body of oxygen and this leads to shortness of breath.

High blood pressure

The circulatory system and the kidneys depend on each other. The kidneys have small nephrons that filter waste and additional fluids from the blood. If blood vessels are damaged, dialysis nephrons will receive enough oxygen and nutrients. That is why high blood pressure is the second leading cause of kidney failure.

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Feeling chills

Patients with renal impairment should be examined, cared for and treated promptly.

According to the doctors, anemia due to kidney failure can weaken your immune system, make your skin less beautiful, and always feel chills, even when you're in a room with high temperatures.

Pain in the sides and legs

Signs of extreme kidney failure are often overlooked - 3
Kidney failure can lead to painful muscles, which can occur on the side close to the kidneys, low back pain and pain in the legs. Although this may be a sign of many other conditions, it is not possible to rule out kidney failure.

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