Should spices to add to dog treats so that pets feel better?

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Taking care of a pet dog in your family is like taking care of a baby, so it is very important to ensure nutrition as well as to provide food that suits its hobby. One of the most concerned issues is "Should spices be added to dog food?"

In fact, there are many types of dog foods that should never be eaten, especially some foods that are very popular but are extremely dangerous for dogs.

Sodium is an essential mineral for life, but your pet only needs at least 0.3% sodium to maintain, support growth and comprehensive development. So if you add too much spice to your pet's food, it will keep them thirsty and consume water constantly to eliminate excess sodium from your body. However, if this condition persists, your pet's kidney function will deteriorate, which can lead to kidney stones or hypertension in pets. Therefore, the American Feed Control Association recommends that you do not spices to add to dog treats.

Should spices to add to dog treats so that pets feel better?

What spices should not be added to pet food?

Practical science has proven that spices should not be included in dog meals because many spices will harm the body of the dog. Some of the spices that are harmful to the digestive system of pets can be mentioned:


Salt makes your pet feel thirsty, so they tend to drink water and urinate constantly. This condition will cause your pet to become dehydrated and long-term, leading to kidney stones. At the same time, salt can make pets nauseous and diarrhea when eating in larger quantities.

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It's best to avoid adding garlic to pet food. Because they can destroy the red blood cells of dogs, leading to anemia, even poisoning and death.

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Spices / pepper / chili powder

Spices are generally more harmful to dog hair, digestive system and more serious than cause heart failure for your pet.


Basically onions contain sulfoxide and disulfide, which can damage red blood cells. Over time, this can make your pet stomach ache and anemia ..

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Eating too much sugar can cause dogs to be obese or cause dental problems and may even cause your pet to have diabetes.

So to ensure nutrition for pets, avoid harmful foods and also choose the right diet for each dog. As a good owner, keep in mind and know the knowledge necessary to take care of your pet in the best way. Give the dogs a loving home, where they know they always belong.

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