Shock: Detect 'ghosts' when checking cameras in the brewery at night

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CREEPY footage of barstools mysteriously moving by themselves at night could be proof of ghosts, according to viewers online.

The clip begins with nothing out of the ordinary happening in the empty Milner’s Gate - Idaho Craft Brewery in Idaho, US. But, one-by-one, each of the barstools seem to move out from behind the bar.

There appears to be no one inside the room which makes the movement all the more bizarre. Brian Rambur decided to look at the CCTV after discovering the seats moving the next day.

He rejected claims that someone could simply have been hiding behind the counter and pushing the seats, claiming there would not be enough space.

Watch: Shock: Detect 'ghosts' when checking cameras in the brewery at night

“We were all sceptical until the stool thing happened,” he said.

“We looked through footage, I checked for string about 10 mins after it happened, and there isn't room for someone to push those out while hidden.

“There's really no ulterior motive in this video. It's the first video I've ever posted on YouTube and I posted it so I could share with friends and coworkers.”

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Pictures from the bar appear to back up claims no one could squeeze behind them to push the stools out.

Shock: Detect ghosts when checking cameras in the brewery at night
MYSTERY: Creepy CCTV from inside an empty bar appeared to show barstools moving on their own (Pic: YOUTUBE/BRIAN RAMBUR)

Thousands of people have seen the clip since it was posted to YouTube by Brian on July 29, before getting reposted by The Hidden Underbelly.

“That was freaky brother,” one wrote. “Not a whole lot of room under the bar top.”

Another added: “That has to be a ghost pushing out the barstools.”

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But others were still convinced someone was hiding behind the stools to push them out.

“I think someone was lurking down there,” a third wrote.

“It would have been more believable if they weren't pushed out in sequence.”

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