She May Not Have Any Legs, But She’s Still Managed To Become A Hot Model

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Growing up we’ve always been told that “If you work hard and have a dream, you can achieve it!” but as you get older we all find out sooner or later that those words of encouragement from every teacher, babysitter and parent are bullshit. I, for one, wanted to be a Denny’s waitress when I grew up because I took note of all the cash tips they were taking and thought they must be millionaires. Now look at me – sitting on a couch in my underwear, ripping bong hits at 9:30 in the morning and typing up this blog post for y’all. Where the fuck did I go wrong?!

She May Not Have Any Legs, But She’s Still Managed To Become A Hot Model

Just kidding – I love you guys.

But for most people, hard work and dedication are irrelevant: it’s all about money. Try as hard as you want, but no matter how many times you flap your arms after taking a short jump off a tall building you’re not going to fly like a bird. And yet Kanya Amberlee Sesser, 25-year-old a model abandoned as a baby in Thailand, has made the seemingly impossible come true.

She became a model…with no legs.

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Currently residing in Los Angeles, Kanya refers to herself as “uniquely different” rather than “disabled.” “Disabled to me seems like a word which prevents you being what you are,” she explained to Unilad. “I can still move and walk on hands. Being born with what you don’t have and having to go through life challenges you in your own ways. I was born without legs so I have to make my life in my own way – out of my own perspective through reality.” Kanya’s legs are not believed to have been amputated; rather she was simply born without them. According to Unilad there was “no scarring or evidence of any medical procedures” when Kanya’s rescuers found her, however because she was left on the side of a road there were also no official documents with her  that could corroborate this fairly likely theory. “I don’t see life as a problem living without legs. I see it as, ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way.’ I can find my way to adapt.” Despite a fairly successful modelling career at the young age of 25, Kanya doesn’t see herself in the industry for the long-run. “I wasn’t planning to have modeling as my main way of making a living,” she explains. “I just love doing it because I want to change beauty standards. I want to show how modeling is a work of art. Like a photograph, it projects onto the canvas expressing people’s personalities. Modeling is not the main thing I do for a living – it’s not my main priority. I want to be a motivational speaker.”

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You’d think that Kanya wouldn’t have been bullied that much throughout life – I mean, yeah she doesn’t have legs. But she’s also hot. And while there’s no rule out there that says “You are only allowed to bully ugly people,” with today’s PC culture everywhere it seems like the only things you can make fun of people for are being hideous and poor; Hell, fat people are basically a new race of people arguing (unsuccessfully, through mouthfuls of food) that “fat discrimination” is a thing (which it totally is, however you can fix being fat – you can’t “fix” your skin color.) And despite all the crap that’s been thrown her way, Kanya’s been able to brush it off like dandruff on a black turtleneck. “You can’t let people, who are small-minded with negative energy or mind sets, or problems or any different reasoning, affect your life,” she reasons.

“No one can change the way they think or the way they are and so I accept that. It’s okay. Life goes on. My adopted family have been here to support me and help me strive to accomplish my goals. Without them, I wouldn’t have as many blessings as I do now. I love them and thank them every day for what they have done for me. They’re very open-minded people, with free spirits, who accept me for what I do.”

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As for her plans for the future, Kanya seems to have a positive attitude that we could all benefit from adopting: “Be yourself. Focus on yourself and make yourself better than yesterday. Don’t take life too seriously and don’t blow it off like it’s nothing.”

Big words from a short girl – maybe she’s onto something here.

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