Sex helps to lose weight quickly and effective

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Science has proven that you can completely lose weight and own a slim body thanks to sex. A rich, safe sex life not only makes you happy and happy, it also brings great benefits to the body.

According to many studies, sexual intercourse will help couples to be more connected. At the same time sex also burns calories quickly, which can help you lose weight safely and effectively. Instead of spending time and money in the gym, practicing at home with your partner will be a great choice.

Having sex helps you lose weight more effectively than exercise

Sex to Lose Weight Researchers from Bangor University in the UK found no significant weight loss in women who had three workouts per week and throughout the four weeks. Despite the total of these rehearsals, they burned a total of about 3,400 calories. The team determined that after exercise, these women had changes in body hormones, making them cravings and more overweight.

Sex helps to lose weight quickly and effective
Sex effective weight management

On the contrary, when having sex, hormones that control appetite are released, making us eat less.

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When we have sex, oxytocin "love hormone" is produced in the hypothalamus in the brain as well as the digestive tract, especially when we experience sexual orgasm. From there, we will reduce cravings and limit eating after sex, contributing to effective weight loss.

Do you believe that just 15 minutes of sex will help women burn 88 calories and men have 106 calories.It is the same energy you would use to train when the bike is fixed for 1 hour

Sex helps improve fitness

The more regular and regular your physical activity is, the healthier you will become. The same is true for "love". Through sex, your heart health will also be enhanced.

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Depending on your posture and habits, you can build muscle from regular sexual activity. Experts also said that "sex" improves cardiovascular and mental health, while mental health and cardiovascular status improve the quality of sex life. Increasing physical strength and muscle strength causes your body to burn more calories, helping you lose weight.

Sex helps reduce stress

Sexual intercourse promotes health and fullness through reducing stress and improving sleep - these two activities are related to weight loss. According to experts, orgasm helps your body release oxytocin, a stimulant for relaxation, pain relief and emotional bonding. It helps you sleep easily, getting enough sleep is important for your body to recover after exercising and reducing stress hormones causing you to gain weight.  

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If a person is in a relationship and has a healthy sex life, this is great. But if a person does "sex" with a lot of people, they may experience stress. In addition, unhealthy sex also increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex helps to lose weight quickly and effective
How Sex benefits men and women in losing weight

Most people think that going to the gym, jogging, swimming ... are the only forms of exercise. However, sex is also an extremely effective form of exercise.. Sex helps lose weight very effectively. However, to get the desired results that do not affect too much health you need to have a scientific schedule.

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