Science has just proven that sugar-free drinks are not really that good for your health

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If you are a lover of carbonated drinks, this is an article you should read.

If you love drinking sugary drinks, you should definitely read this. The artificial sweetener that's used to add flavor to the diet drinks and sugar-free products isn't safe for consumption.

According to a study in Archives of Public Health by the University of Sussex, the reassurance that was given in 2013 stating that aspartame is safe for consumption by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) consists of considerable flaws. 

Science has just proven that sugar-free drinks are not really that good for your health

The new study has revealed that EFSA completely disregarded the results of every single one of the 73 studies (out of 154)  that said aspartame consumption is harmful, stating it was unreliable. 

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Since 1974, aspartame (or Nutrasweet as it is commonly known) which is seen in sugar-free products like sodas, gums, etc,  is known to cause damage to brain, lung and liver cancer, brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders. 

Professor Millstone, a University of Sussex expert on food chemical safety policy and one of the authors of this study is seeking suspension of authorization for sale and consumption of Nutrasweet in the EU, till the independent re-examination and tests don't prove its safety for consumption.

Science has just proven that sugar-free drinks are not really that good for your health

He said in a statement, "Our analysis of the evidence shows that, if the benchmarks the panel used to evaluate the results of reassuring studies had been consistently used to evaluate the results of studies that provided evidence that aspartame may be unsafe then they would have been obliged to conclude there was sufficient evidence to indicate aspartame is not acceptably safe.

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He further adds, "This research adds weight to the argument that authorisation to sell or use aspartame should be suspended throughout the EU, including in the UK, pending a thorough re-examination of all the evidence by a reconvened EFSA that is able to satisfy critics and the public that they operate in a fully transparent and accountable manner applying a fair and consistent approach to evaluation and decision making."

He believes that the drastic contrast in the findings could be due to a conflict of interest by commercial brands, who would have been affected adversely if Nutrasweet was indeed banned from consumption. 

So until it is properly proven otherwise, it is highly advisable for you to stay away from sugar-free consumables.

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