Sanya Lopez to tag along with Jak Roberto, Barbie Forteza in Japan

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Kapuso actress Sanya Lopez has said that she has never had a boyfriend yet.

Sanya Lopez to tag along with Jak Roberto, Barbie Forteza in Japan

Until now, her relationship status-no boyfriend since birth.

"Still not!" Sanya recalled when contacting (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on the pictorial of Nang Dahil Sa Pag-ibig, her new afternoon drama series on GMA-7, on Monday, April 8.

Some do not believe that in her beauty and sexuality she has never been a boyfriend.

"There is nothing," Kapuso actress said.

"There's something wrong, but maybe because I can not focus, I'm giving up, they can not wait."

Where is he first to get rich?

"Yes, yes, yes!" He answered.

"E, where do you wait for me, wait for me. If not, e, not. "

Aside from the vehicle, Sanya was able to buy a land in Tagaytay where he plans to build a rest house.

But at the moment they still rent their brother Jak Roberto's house.

Sanya also said, "Today, we are talking about buying a home here, but separately.

"For at least, we are even growing in ourselves."


Because there is no love life, Sanya will play a third wheeling with brother Jak and his girlfriend Barbie Forteza.

He will be with him in Japan this Holy Week.

"Yes, I'll take a third wheel of them. I said, I'll look for it! "She was surprised.

"But, as good as they are, I do not op [out of place]. Okay, Barbie's going to be together. "

Sanya said, "Barbie is fine with me.

"He does not do anything bad and I feel good about him.

"So, I think, it's perfect."

They were just a few days in Osaka, Japan because they were all in the same band.

Is not he envious of the two in love who love each other?

Sanya said, "Okay, because I was not looking for it.

"Then, when I was a teenager, I wanted to play with no need to play.

"I also want to be too serious, seriously, right now. We're still barking.

"Just do not need to find another."

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