Reality TV Star Says She Resorted To Prostitution To Pay For Mom’s Cancer Treatment

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Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and yet we desk job people look down on hookers like they’re “less” than us. Money is money, isn’t it? If you’re putting food on the table and can afford to clothe your kids, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else does it really matter?

This is why I don’t look down on 24-year-old Anastasia Kochervey. Kochervey was the star of the Russian reality television show Dom 2, which kind of sounds like the plot of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crossed with Bachelor in Paradise: contestants have to build a house while trying to find a romantic partner, and at the end the couples have to compete to keep the houses they built.

Ребята, у нас действительно был инцидент в аэропорту. После жуткой ссоры с Андреем я действительно не хотела жить... Я уже разбитая сидела, ждала самолет и спрашивала, зачем он меня уничтожает, и что я ему причинила такого, что он меня втаптывает в грязь. Когда я пошла в туалет, не знала, как дальше жить. У меня началось истерическое заикание, задыхание. Я была в туалете, выключила телефон и просто сидела и ничего в жизни не хотела. Наглоталась таблеток... Прочтите мое интервью в шапке профиля. Я рассказала обо всем, что произошло, о трагедии в моей семье, о моем состоянии. Спасибо за поддержку!

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But when Kochervey’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was able to cover most of it except for the remaining $475. Her dad was unfortunately “going through a difficult financial situation at the time” according to Mirror, and asking Kochervey’s boyfriend , Audrey, only got them into a fight. “We were together for about a month when my mother got diagnosed with cancer and I had to act quickly.” Selling gold to a pawn shop helped but wasn’t enough, so Kochervey did what plenty of people think about but don’t have the balls to do: she pimped herself out to the highest bidder.

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Prostitution to save the ones you love

Kochervey says that after the unnamed man gave her money she also got a bank loan for the ongoing treatment costs and confessed to her boyfriend what she had done. The pair are reportedly still together, however their relationship is described as “a rocky one.” And while she’s not exactly ecstatic about what she’s done, Kochervey is just happy to still have her mom. “I am not proud of it,” she explains, “but at least I have a living mother and for me this is a gift from God.”

Улыбайся людям, которые ненавидят тебя ) СПАСИБО ЗА Улыбку ? @stomatolog_milana_ch. За Красивые эстетичные ГУБКИ @alsy0000

637 Likes, 2 Comments - ♥️Кочервей Анастасия♠️ (@nastyafitnes) on Instagram: "Улыбайся людям, которые ненавидят тебя ) СПАСИБО ЗА Улыбку ? @stomatolog_milana_ch. За Красивые..." Would you resort to prostitution if the money meant saving someone you loved? Think about your answer, write it down, then save it for later when we finally get the comments working again!

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