Practise 7 habits before bed ways to lose weight quickly

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Did you know that our body burns 300-400 kcal every night if we do the following 7 habits well. Because experts claim that a quality sleep can contribute to weight loss just like physical exercise. But keep in mind that they won't work if you refuse to exercise and eat healthy all day.

From female students to pregnant mothers or office sisters ... everyone has an obsession with an oversized waistline so please eliminate this concern with these 7 bedtime habits right away. Besides, some habits before going to bed such as gentle exercise, drinking herbal tea or reducing room temperature will help you sleep well and make sure that you will achieve good results, not only will you look beautiful. More, more slender, good health but full of energy every day.

Practise 7 habits before bed ways to lose weight quickly
The evening routine ways to lose weight easily

Daily habits ways to you lose weight fast

Maintain a fixed sleep time

Going to bed and waking up at a fixed time of day stimulates melatonin production.This substance enhances sleep quality.A good sleep is an invaluable weight loss medicine.

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Make a habit of going to bed and getting up on time

If your bedtime is not stable, it means disrupting the melatonin hormone (it also helps activate beige fat cells to help burn calories)."Good sleep is the factor that leads to a successful weight loss process." People with sleep reach 7 or 9 hours, the waist measurement is reduced more.

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Sip a cup of herbal tea or fruit

Herbal tea is a drink that is bestowed by nature for every person, leaves, shells or seeds of each kind will be extremely useful tonic for health but also reduce weight at night to help You look slimmer. For example, chrysanthemum sweet and bitter taste improves digestion and supports neurological relaxation to help sleep well, improve the spirit and good for the digestive system, reduce blood fat. Jasmine scent gently, purify the body, reduce diabetes, improve physique, ..  

Practise 7 habits before bed ways to lose weight quickly
Herbal Teas That Will Make You Healthier

Do exercise

Exercise is the best way to relieve stress and increase metabolism before you go to sleep. Cardio and aerobic exercises have proven to be effective, but strength training is the way to burn fat.

Sports such as swimming or lifting weights are ideal for exercising at night because they don't force you to work but help burn calories even when you sleep.

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Room temperature is low

Experts recommend keeping the bedroom temperature at 18 degrees Celsius to boost metabolism at night. When the temperature is low, the body will have to burn more energy to stay warm. However, you should also consider room temperature depending on weather conditions and health conditions.

Above are 6 tips to lose weight before sleeping very simple, easy to implement, just need you to work hard, not only own a slender waist but also make your spirit more positive.  

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