Police Catch Teacher Awaiting Trial For Sex With Two Students Driving With One Of Her Victims

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There’s a Freakonomics theory I once heard that said that the education in this country is going down the shitter because we’re ending up with dumber teachers. Back in the 50s when women were mostly only able to either be teachers or stay at home moms, the “smartest” girls wound up becoming teachers – whereas now, you can be an engineer, computer scientist, doctor…basically, the smarter women who used to be teachers are now going onto bigger and better things, leaving the idiots to mold the minds of tomorrow.Granted, not every teacher is an idiot – but 32-year-old Laura Ramos?

Yeah, she’s not winning any intelligence awards anytime soon.

Police Catch Teacher Awaiting Trial For Sex With Two Students Driving With One Of Her Victims

Laura Ramos, a former special education teacher, is currently awaiting trial for allegedly having sex with two students at Central High School in Connecticut. Authorities believe that Ramos had been having a sexual relationship with one of her special education students from December 2016 to April 2017, however during this time she began texting a second student as well: In these text messages, Ramos allegedly confided to the student about her marital problems.

'Ms. Ramos would complain that her 'man' or 'guy' does not want to have sex or do anything with her,' according to police documents.

The student said he began to suspect that one of his classmates was engaging in inappropriate relations with Ramos.

'Witness 1 noticed the victim would hang out in Ms. Ramos' class and... would watch them make eyes at each other like flirting,' court documents said.

The witness also told police that the text messages included sexually-charged content.

He said that Ramos even inquired about the possibility of buying marijuana 'for her and her man'.(via)

When will people learn that if you don’t want it repeated, don’t write it out?! It’s like these teachers read these student sex scandals and think “Oh, but MY little Timothy is a good boy who loves me and would NEVER tattle on me to the police!” Lady, try to think which is scarier: your teacher begging you not to tell the cops, or the cops knocking on your door and telling your mom you’ve been fucking your teacher. The only way that kid is brave enough to tell the cops to fuck off is if he’d been held back a decade and was 26 – and even then, it’s only a 50/50 chance.

Police Catch Teacher Awaiting Trial For Sex With Two Students Driving With One Of Her Victims

And while Laura Ramos resigned from her special education teaching position back in June 2017, she’s currently out on $50,000 bond…though after being caught in a car with one of her victims, the prosecution is looking to revoke her bond:

On June 22, police in Waterford pulled Ramos’s vehicle over after officers spotted her talking on her cell phone while driving. Police said the officers determined that one of victims in the sex case was in the car with her. They charged Ramos with violating the protective order.

…On Thursday, Ramos is not expected to have the support of her husband, who held her hand at previous court appearances. He was recently granted a divorce from Ramos and custody of their 2-year-old son.

Ramos, of Pond Point Avenue in Milford, is currently awaiting trial. She is charged with two counts of second-degree sexual assault, first with sexually assaulting an 18-year-old special ed student between December and April 2017 and then later charged again after police claimed she sexually assaulted another student on many occasions including in a Shelton restaurant.(via) Truly thriving here: not only did throw away your marriage and daughter, but you can’t even handle following simple directions – don’t molest anybody, don’t talk to the kids you did molest, and don’t talk on the phone while driving.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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