Playful Cat Keeps Turning Off Phone Alarm Making His Owner Late For Work

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This couple kept sleeping through their phone alarm, so they decided to install a camera in their bedroom to see what happens at night. The result is hilariously surprising.

Sometimes things happen in life and we have absolutely no explanation for them, to the point that they become utterly baffling. This footage is just one example.

A cat called Joaquim had been turning off his owner's alarm in the morning, which led to them becoming confused as to why they were sleeping through it and, as a result, turning up late for work.

Naturally, when Joaquim's owners started filming the phone alarm ringing and vibrating, they couldn't believe it when the footage showed the sneaky moggy running straight over to the mobile phone on a quest to complete his mission.

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In the clip, the cat jumps up on to the bedside table, then paws at the phone's screen until the alarm no longer makes a sound.

Two women can be heard giggling in shock over the top of the footage, which was recorded on 27 July in the Sao Carlos region of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Playful Cat Keeps Turning Off Phone Alarm Making His Owner Late For Work

The alarm screen can be seen on the phone. Credit: ViralHog

The cat's owner, who has not been named, said: "My companion and I were arriving late to work because the phone alarm wasn't waking us up.

"Recently, we have discovered that our kitty Joaquim was the one who was turning off the alarm."

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Playful Cat Keeps Turning Off Phone Alarm Making His Owner Late For Work
This man's cat was suffocating him. Credit: Facebook/Lomphonten Lomphontan

At the moment, it seems that cats are waging war on mankind while we sleep.

Take Lomphonten Lomphontan and his cat as another example. While Lomphonten was sleeping his cat - called Achi - had other ideas. In fact, the furry feline opted to sit on his face... well, sprawl.

Lomphonten, from Thailand, told us that he decided to set up a hidden camera out of pure curiosity - in a bid to keep tabs on Achi and see what he got up to while his owner was out at work. Seems reasonable.

But when he watched the nighttime recordings back, Lomphonten noticed that Achi likes to indulge in a bit of suffocation.

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Playful Cat Keeps Turning Off Phone Alarm Making His Owner Late For Work
Don't mind him, he's just getting comfortable. Credit: Facebook/Lomphonten Lomphontan

Achi can be seen climbing on top of Lomphonten's chest - which might seems pretty normal to anyone who owns a cat. Then he confirms with a paw that his owner is, in fact, sound asleep, before deciding this is the perfect opportunity to straddle the sleeping fella's face.

Luckily (for Achi), Lomphonten doesn't mind the additional attention, saying: "I feel very much in love with him, that he loves me like this. It's a show of love."

Well... OK, if you say so, mate.

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