Plastic surgery failed - Lifelong obsession

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Plastic surgery is the shortest way to reach perfect beauty, helping more people become more confident, giving them more opportunities in life. However, it is also a double-edged sword because of complications and risks during surgery. Many unfortunate cases have occurred and it has become a pain that haunts victims for life ...

In the 21st century, when most people just look at their faces and wallets to decide whether to make friends, learn or love someone or not, the form immediately becomes a weapon extremely sharp and beneficial.

Beautiful face, white skin, slender legs ... all of these things can help you get a rich husband, get a job of making money and promoting continuously, owning a life happiness makes many people jealous. 

Plastic surgery  failed - Lifelong obsession
Her face Before-And-After Plastic Surgery Disasters

On the contrary, if your appearance doesn't look good, you'll have to be extremely struggling on the path to finding happiness. Employers will reject you because the face is less beautiful, the guy you love secretly will never keep an eye on you because of your ugly body.

Perhaps it is therefore that cosmetic surgery becomes the savior of many self-deprecating girls in appearance. Many people changed their lives quickly after changing their appearance, but there were also people who were "inferior" immediately after beauty because of cosmetic surgery.

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Plastic surgery failed annd complications

The pain of cosmetic surgery failed will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives. By doing something there is a girl who can be confident and find love with a deformed face, a necrotic nose or even permanently lose a part of her body.

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The pain of cosmetic surgery failed will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives because there is no girl who can be confident and find love with a deformed face, a necrotic nose or even permanently lose a certain part of the body.

There have been many cases in the world when realizing the results of cosmetic surgery are not as expected, the victims will feel extremely disappointed, even they no longer want to live in this world anymore.

And whether the surgery is successful or not, physical pain is what will accompany you throughout your life. Do you think you can endure the pain from the bone marrow due to post-plastic complications?.

Post-plastic surgery complications

One of the other dangerous effects of cosmetic surgery is that it will make you obsessive about your body. It makes you feel like you are ugly, dirty and you will continue to plunge into other surgeries just to find yourself more beautiful.

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Not only ordinary people but also many famous stars fall into "money loss" due to complications of plastic surgery, they have to pause their arts or entertainment activities such as: Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan, Jocelyn Wildenstein ...

  • Actress Lindsay Lohan shared: She regretted that she had undergone cosmetic surgery that her previously inherently natural features completely disappeared, and replaced her with a stiff and degraded face.
  • Before plastic surgery, star Nicole Kidman had a beautiful beauty that captivated many people. However, for some reason, she decided to plastic surgery, making her face become stiff and distorted.

Therefore, it can be seen that plastic surgery has become so familiar in the present era. However, with any method, we can encounter problems when implementing risks. So, please consider carefully before "beating and rebuilding" your beloved body!

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