Piss-Take flat earth society holding Social at the globe pub

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There are certain things in this world which you just know for certain: dogs are better than cats, Ariana Grande is a goddess, the Earth is spherical, etcetera, etcetera.

The latter is often called into question by Flat Earthers though, who argue that – well, it kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it – the Earth is flat.

In fact, they believe this conspiracy theory so much that groups have formed around the world which allow Flat Earthers to meet up and discuss the idea that, again, the Earth is flat.

Piss-Take flat earth society holding Social at the globe pub


One such group has formed at the University of Sussex, with students creating a Flat Earth Society and holding regular socials to explore this conspiracy theory further. The difference? The group is quite clearly a piss-take.

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The society is well under way, having recently organised their first social event at a pub in Brighton for later this week. The pub’s name? The Globe.

A group of students from the university are planning to meet for drinks in The Globe tomorrow (May 23), in Middle Street, Brighton.

Piss-Take flat earth society holding Social at the globe pub

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The society even expressed concern on social media that too many people were interested in attending the event.

Posting to Facebook, a spokesperson for the group wrote:

As you perhaps are aware, our first public social at The Globe has proven to be a hit which is fantastic news for our ever growing society.

However, the committee is becoming increasingly concerned with the sheer number of attendees.

As you read on though, you become aware that this is all just an elaborate prank from some clever university student as they express concern that 800 people in the same location will ‘fall off the earth and into space’.

Piss-Take flat earth society holding Social at the globe pubbigpzone/YouTube

The post continues:

Due to the nature of the earth, having a large number of people confined into one space runs a heavy risk of the Earth tilting. The result? All 800 of us falling off the earth and into space.

We are looking for ways to combat this issue. Our committee has decided that we need to be evenly distributed and not make any sudden movements. Any sudden rampage of heavy feet runs a risk towards humanity falling, literally.

We ask those of you who are attending to walk slowly with no sudden movement. Secondly, pre-existing members of the society we would be very grateful for you to act as ushers to prevent such tragedy from occurring.

Hilarious. 10/10 for effort guys, maybe you should consider dropping out of uni and becoming a full-time Flat Earther?


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