People Can’t Decide Who’s Hotter: This Meghan Markle Look-Alike Or Meghan Markle

Uncategory Jun 05, 2018 10:00

Raise your hand if you cared about the royal wedding.

No hands?

Good, because it’s frankly a little weird when Americans get obsessed over British culture.

I understand the Brits going ga-ga over Meghan since she’s their new princess…

…but us Americans have a more important question:

Who is hotter: Meghan Markle or Erica Lauren?

Erica Lauren, for those of you who don’t follow plus-size models (like myself) or give a flying fuck about most pop culture (like myself)…

…is a plus-size model from LA who looks a LOT like Meghan.

Erica says she’s been told she looks like Meghan ever since she started modeling…

…but with the royal wedding the comparisons have increased tenfold.

‘I find Meghan stunning so I’m extremely flattered,’ Erica told INSIDER.

‘I can’t necessarily deny there are some similarities.’

‘I’m also half black and half white like she is…

…and I even saw a photo of Meghan in the news from when she was young.’

‘It looked so much like I did at the same age.’

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…Erica started out getting her bachelor’s degree in music from USC, along with an MBA.

Before she started modeling, she worked for over six years at a Fortune 500 company…

…and has only been modeling for about three years.

Meghan, on the other hand…

…supported herself as a freelance calligrapher between acting jobs when she first started out.

It wasn’t until she joined the cast of ‘Suits’ on USA that Meghan got her big break.

So what do you think…

…is Meghan, or Erica hotter?

Or are they both hot in their own regard and shouldn’t be compared to each other?

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