Oh, You Know -- Just Another Normal Day In Russia!

Uncategory Aug 15, 2018 09:00

A little too close for comfort.

Bear hug takes on a whole new meaning

So jealous.

Fashion police, at your service.

Pay no mind to the microscope that isn't there.

Everybody's dick is on YouTube in Russia.

Gotta have the bears.

Not even slightly scared.

Has anyone REALLY seen a Russian die?


Not everything in Russia is traumatizing.

When it's always cold, you have to get creative with entertainment.

Well, blow me down

Normal Russian curbside business meeting.

Fishing is soooo fun!

A literal cup of vodka.


You do what you gotta do to make ends meet.

Think fast!

Russian Dodgeball

Gotta have that third stripe.

Basically his front porch.

Frequently, innovation comes from necessity.

Podavach- speeding up magazine loading for the AK-47.

Beep beep I'm a fucking car!

We shall ride into Valhalla shiny and chrome!

"Air conditioning."

Casual monday night.


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