Nicki Minaj Had A Wardrobe Malfunction And Accidentally Flashed An Entire Crowd

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If there’s one thing Europe gets right that America continually manages to fuck up, it’s how uptight and prude we are when it comes to naked people. No one reading this can deny that being naked is great, but as far as seeing people walking around completely nude in public, I’ll pass – so let’s find some common middle ground and just agree that nipples are fine, yeah?

Nicki Minaj Had A Wardrobe Malfunction And Accidentally Flashed An Entire Crowd

If dudes are allowed to walk around topless, so should women. Besides, what’s the issue? Do you already have too many visible boobs in your life? Afraid another two or six would put your brain into overdrive? Even as a girl I’d be down to see more topless women during my morning commute if it meant I could tan outside without a bikini on -- if you don’t want to look at tits, then just don’t look. Kind of like the crowd during Nicki Minaj’s performance at the Made In America Festival in Philly this past weekend:

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction


Minaj’s top fell open several times during her performance, though she didn’t let that stop her and kept the show going. Like I said, who cares – it’s just tits. If we had tits everywhere all the time then this wouldn’t even be news. Mass public shootings? Barely registers these days. Wrinkly ol’ donut of a teacher boinks a kid? Only news these days if she was hot. Point is, we all need to follow Nicki Minaj and whip out our titties for the good of titty-kind.

And for those of you looking for a picture of Nicki Minaj’s boobs, we can’t show it to you here. I can LINK IT FOR YOU HERE, but I can’t host the photo; we here at Break have “journalistic integrity,” which loosely equates to “we’re not trying to get sued for hosting a topless photo of a celebrity with millions of dollars to throw at a lawsuit.”

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction: Not A Fuck Given

As for Nicki, she couldn’t give two fucks about the nip slip:

nicki not giving a fuck IS ICONIC ? #NickiXMadeInAmerica

— QUEEN (@HARDWHlTE) September 3, 2018 [H/T Daily Mail]

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