New Snapchat Filter Makes Guy Look Like Gina Linetti

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By now you're probably all aware of the new Snapchat filters that can make you look like a woman, or a man. You've possibly even had a go. You might have even had a go and now you're feeling conflicted because of how good you look as the opposite gender...

It's fair to say the filter has surprised pretty much everyone who has used it, with some saying it makes them look like their mum and others saying they look nightmarish.

One fella who tried it has had a bit of a different experience, because he was left looking almost exactly like Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I mean, seriously, look at this:

New Snapchat Filter Makes Guy Look Like Gina Linetti
He is the absolute ringer of Gina Linetti, to be fair. Credit: Reddit 

The image was shared on Reddit where people were bowled over by the likeness.

Quoting Gina, one person wrote: "Because he's the living embodiment of the 100 emoji."

Another posted: "Haha I showed this to my bf, he goes 'oh it's Gina' (frowned) 'no it's not Gina??'"

While a third said: "Is it weird that I immediately read the caption in Gina's voice?" Not at all, mate, you're basically looking at a picture of Gina, after all.

New Snapchat Filter Makes Guy Look Like Gina Linetti
The real Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti. Credit: Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Fox/NBC 

This guy isn't the only one having fun with the new filter; one fella decided to prank his girlfriend using the app, but it backfired pretty quickly.

Ryan Hill used the app to make himself look like a female, and then sent it from his Snapchat to his girlfriend with the caption: "I have your bf's t-shirt on."

He followed up with a message urging his other half to not look at the snap he'd just sent, knowing that would only encourage her to open the message.

Completely unaware of the filter at this point, his shocked girlfriend replied: "Are you fucking serious. Don't even bother coming here after work."

Continuing the wind-up, Ryan responded: 'Why what was it?"

To which his poor girlfriend replied: "Why the fuck is another girl got your t-shirt on. You're getting blocked."

Realising he'd taken it too far, Ryan tried to explain it was just a bit of banter - but his unimpressed girlfriend didn't look like she was keen to forgive him anytime soon saying: "Send me a picture of what I thought was a lassie wearing your t-shirt, I'm absolutely raging."

Whoops. Please use filters responsibly, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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