Nail care starts from simple habits

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We often care less about our nails but we do not know that this is an extremely important part of the body.

Not only beauty, nails also help predict the risk of disease in the body. So we need nail care starting from the simplest habits.

Nail care starts from simple habits

Common bad habits:

People have many bad habits that make the condition of their nails worse and worse. The most typical is probably the habit of biting a nail. Nail biting not only worsens the appearance of the nail but also accidentally "paves the way" for so many bacteria from the nail to go inside the body.

Nail care starts from simple habits

There are many people who take good care of their nails but commit one limitation, which is too much nail polish. Nail polish will only bring out the beauty, but paint and cleaning chemicals will erode the horny layer of the nail, making it weak and brittle. But besides these common habits, you'll be surprised to learn that there are many reasons why your nails aren't as healthy as you think. Misskick will reveal immediately and suggest you some solutions to help your nails look better and healthier.

Use fingernails to open items:

We often "force" our nails to do relatively "overwork" things such as dependability, opening cans, cans, beer cans or extending ring tips on hooks key. These actions may not hurt, but they are hurting directly on your nails.

Nail care starts from simple habits

Common conditions can be nail splits, broken nails or, most severely, broken nails. You should know that nails and skin are very weak and sensitive, and only a few minor effects can cause wounds. Instead of using a nail, you need a special opener or a knife and a pen to pry and open things.

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Doing housework:

A story from a young age is to do housework. Doing housework is the time when your hands are most exposed and exposed to the damaging factors to their hands. Not only does the skin become dry, cracked, but the nails are also affected. Washing powder, dishwashing liquid, ... are items that contain a lot of cleaning chemicals.

Nail care starts from simple habits

They directly cling to hands, damaging the skin and abrasive nails. Meanwhile, when hands soaked in water, exposed to water, the nails will be thin, soft and less durable. Best when doing housework, you need to wear gloves to make sure your hands are always protected. Nails are also parts that need to be beautified, but not in the way of nail polish. We have a few simple ways to care for nails from the inside.

Drink plenty of water:

A hydrated body will manifest through the skin, hair and nails. The lack of water makes the hair weak, brittle, dry or oily skin (oil skin replenishes skin) and nails are also dry, brittle and brittle.

Nail care starts from simple habits

Therefore, need regular water intake for the body. Drinking lots of water brings great health, ruddy skin, shiny hair and moisturizes the nails. Nails will be beautiful, strong and grow faster.

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Nail care starts from simple habits

Taking care of the body from the inside is always the top beauty criterion of many girls. Not only do you need to take care of your skin and nails by drinking lots of water, but we also need to remember to add healthy foods to our nails. The recommended foods are biotin shoes, which are often found in salmon, carrots, peanuts, etc. They will make nails more beautiful, thicker, shinier, and much stronger.

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