McDonald began to challenge everyone in the morning

Articles Jun 12, 2019 05:49

McDonald's is changing the game in a new exciting way. Extend everyone's breakfast time when coming here.

While it may not be a permanent move just yet – the trial is starting it starting today, June 12 – it’s the first step towards the ultimate Maccies goal of all-day breakfasts.

But while an all-dayer may be a way away, extending breakfast hours are upon us. And we must honor it by devouring all the glorious sausage and egg McMuffins we can.

McDonald began to challenge everyone in the morning

Starting today, June 12, seven McDonald’s restaurants are trialing the new breakfast hours, serving up the hangover cures from heaven until 11 am for the next six weeks.

Unfortunately, the trail is taking place in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, the lucky devils, but if successful, the fast food chain will be rolling out the later breakfast times nationwide. So come on, people of Portsmouth and Isle of Wight, do it for the greater good and let your local Maccies know how great their breakfasts are, and how much better they taste when consumed up until 11 am.

It’s quite the move for the fast food giant, as – despite it being a point of contention for quite some time – the 10.30am endpoint has been in place for almost 25 years.

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McDonald began to challenge everyone in the morning

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While McMuffin fans will no doubt rejoice at the extra half hour the fast food giants will be giving us, Big Mac fans may not feel quite the same way, as it’ll mean their start time is pushed back to allow for those delicious egg McMuffins, hash browns and all the coffee us breakfast connoisseurs.

For those of us not able to drag themselves down to the restaurants to get their hands around those breakfasts, the good news means orders from delivery services – such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or McDelivery, will also be extended. Where the cut off was 10.15am for orders, the extended hours will push it back to 10.45am.


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