Man Destroy ‘Unbeatable’ 4000 Calorie Breakfast In Only 12 Minutes

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8lb of crispy, greasy, fried english breakfast! One hour to complete, 27 minutes was the current record... And now he takes the crown.

Introducing the Terminator 2 breakfast - clocking in at a whopping 4,000 calories, this fry-up consists of eight sausages, eight rashers of bacon, eight eggs, eight hash browns, eight slices of toast, tomatoes, and baked beans. Phew.

Up until this point, the monster food challenge at Shepherd's Place Farm in Nottinghamshire had buckled most competitors, who are challenged to eat the entire platter within the space of an hour.

The record time was held by one lad who managed to get it all down in 28 minutes... that is, until competitive eater Adam Moran came along.

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Man Destroy ‘Unbeatable’ 4000 Calorie Breakfast In Only 12 Minutes
Credit: Beard Meats Food/YouTube

The YouTuber - who runs the page Beard Meets Food - thought he could do better, and he was right. Not only did he smash the challenge, but he managed to get the whole lot inside of his belly in the space of just 12 minutes. The dude's got a stomach of steel.

Aside from getting a lot of remnants in his beard, Adam barely even broke a sweat. After completing the challenge, he says: "That was delicious, I've done a lot of breakfast challenges and that was good."


In a voiceover of the video, the personal trainer explains why this particular challenge is called the Terminator 2: "They had one called The Terminator, which I think was four pounds."

Man Destroy ‘Unbeatable’ 4000 Calorie Breakfast In Only 12 Minutes
Credit: Beard Meats Food/YouTube

However, so many people completed it that the cafe decided to double the amount with the sequel fry-up, filling the plate up with a whopping eight pounds of food.

By the looks of the 'Wall of Fame' board in the background, only three people have beaten the gut-busting competition so far - but only Beard Meats Food managed it in less than thirteen minutes.

Are we surprised? Perhaps not - this is the same guy who holds the British record for eating the most Big Macs in one hour, after all.

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Man Destroy ‘Unbeatable’ 4000 Calorie Breakfast In Only 12 Minutes
Credit: Beard Meats Food/YouTube

But his accolades don't end there, as he also won the 2015 Yorkshire Pudding Eating World Championships and set a new world record for most McDonald's chicken nuggets eaten in one sitting.

Safe to say this guy loves his food. He loves lots of it, and quickly.

If you reckon you're up to the challenge and could beat Adam's personal best (doubt it), then get yourself down to Shepherd's Place Farm and grab yourself a Terminator 2 brekkie.

Good luck getting through it. Oh, and don't forget to send us pics.

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