Lunch Break - 07.16.18 

Uncategory Jul 15, 2018 21:00

When you have something in your nose and need to get it out.

Bro.... That's see through

He just wanted to BEAT IT.

You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth DDT!!!

Don't touch me.

"Please haz rezpect for my privacy"

Well maybe don't use THAT one.

And this is why condoms are only 99.9% effective

Don't try this at home.

You have my attention

Why you should always check the expatriation date on your trampoline!

Mmmm so satisfying!

We all want this back scratcher.

It's my cake day!  Here is a udder awful dump!

Chillin like a villain.

When there's no pale horses anywhere

Still works!

Archaeology monday: perfectly perserved 8th century comb

Boop! Got you!

You can not get away from me!

Knock! Knock!

2 for 1 deal

This is like popping a zit.

10/10 shredding

BOOM. Solid.


What you imagined you were doing on a swing as a kid.

Two can play at this game

Back off!


Stump Grinder is also the name of a popular bar.

Stump grinder

One for the ages.

Husbands Wedding Gift to Dinosaur Loving Wife


Ticklish paws

He is thinking that little boy looks yummy,

No need to speak the same language,no matter how big or small you are to share emotions


Its been before chemo since I had sex. My demon is bigger and hotter lol

High five!

You have the right to remain... wife material


Funny art

Truth coming at ya!

Ackchyually... That is a rectangular prism cheese

Trying to get that Yelp review rating back up.

Do not worry

Dig it.

Evangelion/Ryuko Matoi crossover cosplay, Anime expo 2018

Wonder Woman for the win!

Gal Gadot visits children's hospital dressed as Wonder Woman

Can't watch!

"I, too, like to live dangerously"

Good work!

I did the thing! From 290 lbs to 225 lbs

Whoever controls the streets...

Violent gang war

We have the technology.

Phone case that doubles as a Gameboy.

Just give up now.

look at me

When you can't believe someone is so forward.

Excuse me, what are you doing? 


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn dude

How we feel when the alarm clock goes off.

It's my cakeday!

The future is now!

So my wife called me an idiot...I think she's just jealous

Is she a Transformer?

Don't fool yourself, you can't ...

Nobody is this happy for us. Sad.

Happy dance

Dog just wants to fit in!

Majestic Doggo Dump

That look when you already messed up.

A girls reaction when she hears she has won the nobel prize

Hot enough for ya?


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