Lunch Break - 07.14.18 

Uncategory Jul 13, 2018 21:00


Trick with fire


Who? Oh that’s just my buddy mittens


Large dump


Alan shares no pets

Up to know good.

Daily Dank-o-matic Dump


Found a Quokka

It checks out.

*laugh that turns into a cry

Yay traffic!

He is either having a great day or about to go on a homicidal rampage.


Crazy parkour

When you get a serial killer house.

Came across grave surprise in a attic this morning...

Dude, that is just some rocks.

The clearest water i've ever seen

You are embarrassing me!

Hard life of a pup



Plug it in!

Sry if its a repost

Try not to have Jaws music in your head.

Never turn your back on a shark


Therapy kitty

Time comes for us all.

A Grandfather clock made from a burnt tree.

The zombies will never get you there.

This abandoned French castle..


I'm Pretty Sure there's Only One Way To Get Those

Who wants to fight?!

I too enjoy watching my fellow travelers have too much to drink and start surly conversations.


God Dam Old People am I right


Sea turtle arriving home, ready for a nap.

Mr. Smith wants you to know he is one of the guys.

When the lunch lady calls in sick but the kids still gotta get served.

Use The Force.

He's magical

Sweet skills.

Perfectly balanced and elegantly

Where you going alligator?

Women caught on camera helping an alligator cross the street in Orlando, Florida.


I can do it... Don't worry...

What, but, what, how?

Now, where did that come from? 

What you really look like working out.

I found my soulmate

Hot enough for ya?

It's hot And humid 

Would have gone with calling him Gremlin.

Found this beast on the street last week. Meet Nelson

Sexy. There I said it.

Some crap I never thought I wanted dump...

Why didn't I think of that?!

You want the sauce? You can’t handle the source!

Ans then they made 12 sequels.

Night Everyone.




Japanese culture.

Private numbers are private!

Sorry, but not sorry!


clever girl

Heeey girl.

Fitness Hottie Allison Bishop.


Good morning wood. Meet Linda Le

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