Lunch Break - 07.13.18 

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And then they get hit and blame the car driver.

If you do this, you're an a**hole

When your friend always takes the last slice.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

There can be only ONE.

Settle in for the epic story of one trash panda's victory.

Great now she has to learn how to shave.




True genius.

Drunk me left a beautiful clean apartment for hungover me

Is that what the kids are calling it these days.

Mini Dump While You Pinch One Off

Tiger dentist on top ten jobs I do not want.

Hey, I needed that!

The more expensive a car the more likely they will NOT use a turn signal. "I don't need your permission to turn my car, peasant.'

Public service

Someone should do a charity walk.

Be safe out there!

Get me off the flat earth now.

In case you've ever thought to yourself, "People can't be THAT stupid, can they?" 

Give this guy a damn quarter.

Work smarter

How long was he waiting for her to do that?


Your daily dose of DORBS.

Cat and girl

Now THAT is how you get dressed in the morning!

Hat Trick on the Subway

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!

That's not a living knife, nor the offspring of a T1000 and an eel. No that's a tiny oarfish. So Metal.

Baseball for the win!

What a good kid...

Didn't see that coming!

y’all gonna make me me lose my mind..

I prefer bunnies in PILE format.

"Hey, why is there a hole in my flower gard...Oh!"

Can't bust heads with an empty stomach!

"Sir, you dropped your tactical sandwich!"

Zero F's were given.

Keep calm and eat noodles.

This should be in the Olympics!

Axe Throwing Competition

Whatever gets you through the day.

Phone Clearing Dump

Not what we were picturing when we Googled "Bear Party" - wait, what?

The Berenstain Bears go to the pool

A BOOM, solid.

Dick pic

The future is UGH.

Rusty Skies

When you want to watch the game and your friend has a TINY TV.

Dancers of the Bolshoi ballet following yesterday’s Spain–Russia match during a performance of Raymonda.

This is what being BRAVE looks like.

Chicken Nightmres


Maybe wants more than a kiss?

It checks out.

What's better, Natural Light or Natty Light?

The sun roof fought back.

Ex gf was scratching his car

Oh Grandma.

Nana is a traitor!

No toilet dreams?


Snack time is on point.

You are not you when you are hungry...

He is correct.


At least it fit.

Female vs male

We have the technology.

Table turns into shelf 

Baseball for the fail!

When you bring a giant glove to the game and still miss the foul ball. 

We just passed out.

Mens Humor hottie of the week


sunday = 90s hottie night. can we make this a thing?

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