Lunch Break - 07.10.18 

Uncategory Jul 09, 2018 21:00

This one throws us for a loop as well.


This one took us a moment.


We just want in to the party!

Rotating welcoming party

The future is now!

Prototype prosthetic which mimics ankle joint movement


Keith Payne and his medals.

Reminder that nothing matters.

Earth and Moon between the rings of Saturn

It was a good hunt.

Opening day of Zucchini Season

This street party is thumping.

Sewer Party

He has so many paper cuts.

Leap of Faith

This dog is way cooler than any of us.

Relationship Goals

When you go way too hard on "Cheat Day."

Chose your fighter

He was hungry for some MEAT.

This shark latched onto a finger while being handfed

Not going to ask her for her number.

A decent Warhammer dump

Your daily dose of DORBS.

Puppy wants to be loved.

Don't be an animal! Oh wait.

So fancy!

Who will win?!

This is our corgi puppy doing what corgi puppies do best

When you show up to work and you know you forgot something.

Where is My motorcycle!!

When it is Saturday and the kids still want to get up early.

Piggy tries to wake up sleeping dog

Words of wisdom.

It's the little things.

Metaphor for life.

Let me in

Fun with web cams!

Spanish Moms are crazy... but great

Nailed it!

Sicilian creation of Adam


When he pulls it out just right.....

A rare bacon find.

Bacon in the wild

Art you crazy!

Just some skulls

Pile on!

Lookin Like A Snack

True love.


Got your face.

Hey, are you awake???

RIP Carl.

Everybody loves chin scratches

Earth is amazing.

The window seat advantage

For the win!

I'm still impressed

Florida Man!

Man riding on hood of a car while traveling down I-95 in Miami, Florida.

So impressed with his win he made it a fail!

Texas resident vs Gyroscooters - 0:1

He totally left the stove on.

"Make sure you lock the door, Bob. Best be safe."

Sometimes you got to go all in.

Stealth is optional for this mission...

We need to stop watching so much porn.

That's the money shot...

Are some dudes INTO hair?

In Loving Memory of Shower Drains Everywhere, Volume 4


When you lead a horse to water......

Happy summer to us!

Run to the Jungle

Nice plants!

Gotta get me a curvy girl...

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